Izotope RX8 and Nuendo 11 working together yet?

From what I have read here before there are or have been issues. I have RX6 and am hesitant to upgrade until Izotope sorts things out. Have they? If not what are the issues people are encountering?
Thanks much

No they didn’t fix anything. As always the iZotope product portal is the most updated iZotope software. Everything else stays the way it is until they release the next version - as we can see right now with the announcement of RX9. You are even able to buy/upgrade it right now (and get it when it’s released) without any information on what’s changed. I’m a little angry atm. But who knows, maybe they add working ARA support. That would be something.
To answer your question. The problem is that RX Connect isn’t working properly with DOP.
They have a support page where they admit that there’s a problem:

Checking regularly since a year or so. Nothing happened so far. RX 7 however still works with DOP.

Thanks Alex,
So is this the only issue (RX Connect with DOP) with RX 8 that you have encountered? Honestly, I mostly just use the separate plugins and probably could manage with it if that works well in at mix down and if using a RX plugin with DOP. Any experience using RX this way?

If your are used to use RX Audiosuite modules in ProTools, note that some of them are not available in DOP. I’m not in the studio and can’t recall exactly which of them are missing, but I think Dialogue Isolate is not running in DOP. You will have to use RX Connect to treat your clip in RX Editor.

Yeah and Izotope are about to sting you for RX9 AND Nuendo the “Gold Standard” for Sound post production has NO native audio repair tools! Audio repair IS post production…

And if someone cites the “Post Filter” I’ll scream.


Sorry, couldn’t resist. :wink:

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Yes, as far as I know this is the only big issue.

OK then you asked for it

:scream_cat: !!


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iZotope released an update RX 8.5. The release notes state beyond other fixes this one:

Fixed inability to send files back to the RX 8 Connect plug-in in Cubase or Nuendo after closing a file tab in the RX 8 Audio Editor.

Did anyone check this update out yet? I guess I’m going ahead and install it…

Where did you get this from? This is what I see on the iZotope website:

Here are the release notes: https://support.izotope.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408658471315-RX-8-5-Release-Notes

The update is available in the product portal.

I installed 8.5 on my High Sierra laptop (am working on the road right now), and it crashes every time. Completely unusable at the moment. I BELIEVE it’s supposed to work with this OS; 8.0 did.

I’m going to attempt re-installation when I have a moment. But in the meantime-- it’s “crash city” both in standalone and as a plugin on this computer.


Hi Chewy, I’m sure you have a good reason for this but I’ll ask anyway: do you need to be on High Sierra? As far as I remember, Nuendo and High Sierra were a bad combination anyway.
I’m on Catalina and RX now works like a charm again. I’m so relieved. I even bought the upgrade to RX9 right away.


Alex—my current laptop (17” MacBook Pro) maxes out at High Sierra. So, yes, I’m stuck with it until I get a new laptop—which is looming nearer as upgrades leave this hardware behind. Going to hang on for as long as practical; at this point it means staying with RX 7 and Nuendo 11,03, which both work adequately, for the most part. No problems with N11; just the documented issues with how RX up to v8.0 works with it.

I also have upgraded to Post Production Suite 6–it’ll all work on my Mojave 5,1 desktop setup.

I’m seeing the finish line on all of my computers right now, which is too bad. They’re all in great shape, fast (enough) and getting the job done.

They’ll also all run everything fully up to date in Windows, so for the first time in years I’m considering that as an option—especially for the laptop.


That is an option, and a very meaningful one at that. I bought an M1-based Macbook Air a few weeks ago to replace its broken 2011 predecessor - only to find out that many software tools I used on the old machine don’t run at all, or at least not natively. Wouldn’t be a problem on any brand-new Windows-laptop.

(… luckily I’m not working as often in other studios as I did before the pandemic hit, which is the main reason for me to have a notebook for audio in addition to the actual DAWs.)

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I’m using Nuendo 11 and RX 9 advance, and I can not send audio to RX, is anyone using RX connect with Nuendo, and is it working for you, it is very frustrating, I’m trying to migrate from PT to Nuendo, but it is things like this that make it hard to make the jump ship, I like Nuendo, but there are some workflows that I need, and RX connect is one.

It’s working fine here-- I’m using it exclusively now (was using 7 for DOP and 8 for standalone).

There was nothing special about my installation; it just works as it always did. Is this a difference in DAW implementation issue? If so (and I’m not being glib) there’s a pretty good walking-through of the RX/Cubendo process in the RX online manual.

Apologies if I’m extremely off base here,


No not off base , I have followed the manual from Izotop exactly, now I stress I’m using v9 of Rx advanced and Nuendo 11.04… cheers
I will try some more but it did work with V8, but 9 is broken for me

Understood. I’m using RX Advanced 9.1 (just updated) and latest Nuendo as well. No issues with RX Connect–a breath of fresh air since RX 8 Connect had serious issues with Cubendo until its latest update (simultaneous with the release of RX 9… oh, well).

Can you describe the issue? Have you rebuilt your Nuendo prefs? Have you uninstalled and reinstalled RX9? That’s where I’d start. Also, it’d probably be helpful for those who might pitch in on this to know which platform and OS version you’re on (I’m on Mac/Mojave).


How do you rebuild Nuendo Prefrences?