Izotope RX8 and Nuendo 11 working together yet?

From what I have read here before there are or have been issues. I have RX6 and am hesitant to upgrade until Izotope sorts things out. Have they? If not what are the issues people are encountering?
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No they didn’t fix anything. As always the iZotope product portal is the most updated iZotope software. Everything else stays the way it is until they release the next version - as we can see right now with the announcement of RX9. You are even able to buy/upgrade it right now (and get it when it’s released) without any information on what’s changed. I’m a little angry atm. But who knows, maybe they add working ARA support. That would be something.
To answer your question. The problem is that RX Connect isn’t working properly with DOP.
They have a support page where they admit that there’s a problem:

Checking regularly since a year or so. Nothing happened so far. RX 7 however still works with DOP.

Thanks Alex,
So is this the only issue (RX Connect with DOP) with RX 8 that you have encountered? Honestly, I mostly just use the separate plugins and probably could manage with it if that works well in at mix down and if using a RX plugin with DOP. Any experience using RX this way?

If your are used to use RX Audiosuite modules in ProTools, note that some of them are not available in DOP. I’m not in the studio and can’t recall exactly which of them are missing, but I think Dialogue Isolate is not running in DOP. You will have to use RX Connect to treat your clip in RX Editor.

Yeah and Izotope are about to sting you for RX9 AND Nuendo the “Gold Standard” for Sound post production has NO native audio repair tools! Audio repair IS post production…

And if someone cites the “Post Filter” I’ll scream.


Sorry, couldn’t resist. :wink:

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Yes, as far as I know this is the only big issue.

OK then you asked for it

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