JBridge is going to make a fortune...

I just bought it… I don’t have many 32bit instruments, but I can’t live without Mr. Ray and VB3…
I’ll let you know how it goes… :wink:


Well, that was quick getting moved to the lounge…
and this time, I’m not sure I appreciate…
For a lot of users, this is vital stuff!

In any case, I’ll let you know how it goes… Maybe Joao can update the plugin with my donation…



I used to use JBridge for GROOVE AGENT 3, but I switched over to EZ DRUMMER and so have no use for it now. It was a bit complicated to set up but it was definitely an invaluable plug-in!



I would be very interested to know if JBridged plugins get along with Cubase 9.I read somewhere that they work only in administrator mode


From memory, I am pretty certain that is correct.



jBridged plug-ins work in Cubase 9. But could be blacklisted, please see here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=107163

Yes, jBridge always required to run in administrator mode (which is not recommended for Cubase).

I did a brief test two weeks ago, all my old plug-ins worked fine and were not even blacklisted.
Application-wise, same behaviour as in Cubase 8.5, slower close-down times, Cubase feels less ‘snappy’…

HI Fabio,


Thanks a lot,


Thanks for the grownup answer! Still, don’t quite get why it couldn’t be discussed in the main forum…
Anyway, if 32 bits work in Cubase, according to your info, why do the release notes state that they don’t?


Hi Benji,

I guess the threads were moved because bridging is not supported? Sorry, I was not even in the office today, I don’t know!

The issue with jBridge is listed under ‘Compatibility’ here http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Cubase_Pro_9_and_Cubase_Artist_9/9.0.1/Cubase_9.0.1_Version_History.pdf - in short, bridged plugs are unavailable if not running Cubase, jBridge and and the relative components in admin mode. But admin mode is not recommended, so it is listed as an unresolved compatibility issue.

By the way, I checked this out with jBridge 1.65, I don’t have the latest (errr, my registered e-mail has been inactive for months… couldn’t receive it :blush: ).

Hi Fabio,

Is running CUBASE in ADMIN MODE without JBridge still not recommended please? So, running CUBASE on it’s own.

Or do you NEVER use ADMIN MODE period?



So we’re in trouble.Maybe the maker of JBridge can come with a solution for us…
I suspect that this Plug-in Sentinel thingy will be the culprit of this new release

No, I understand what Steinberg is doing, they’re trying to move the industry forward towards more stability and performance, away from VST 2.x and 32bits.
Did it with Dorico and now with Cubase. I think it’s fine and necessary, and I’m willing to pay somebody to create crutches for my remaining legacy stuff in the meantime, but I don’t want Steinberg to create unnecessary hurdles to keep the few things I need and for which I’ll take full responsibility from working.
The VST Sentinel is a great idea, likely the solution to a lot of folks’ issues!


@Paul: yes, under normal conditions there is no need to run Cubase as admin, and it’s preferable to not do so for several reasons. But sometimes is a necessary work-around, like with jBridge or, a while back, with IK licensing.

@S4410: I read a post in the Cubase 9 forum where a user wrote he already did. Can’t find it, sorry, getting late over here :slight_smile:

@Benji: thanks!

Hi Fabio,

That’s great, I will follow your kind advice! But when you INSTALL Cubase and all related Steinberg s/w, do you do so AS ADMINISTRATOR? I have always have done.

(btw - Sorry Benji, I didn’t mean to hijack your most excellent thread!).




I have these plugs working fine with jBridge in C9

I think that installing a software as administrator is not the same as running the same software in admin mode.

Thanks Maku,

I appreciate that!


FYI, the jBridge developer has just posted a new 1.75 beta which disables the “run as an admin” warning for better compatibility with Cubase 9. If you are a registered user, you can request it here:


FYI… VB3 is available in a 64 bit version (for Windows only). Mine works perfectly. :wink:


Sadly my My Ray and many other old GSi VSTs have been put out to pasture in CB9. They still work in CB8.5 so… if I need them I will fire that up.

Regards :sunglasses:

Yup, I was alerted to this by an attentive user the other day, works well indeed!
And jBridge works for Mr. Ray also, at least over here…?

P.S.: I just wrote to GSI, pleading for an update…