OK, I finally updated thinking I waited long enough but I didn’t read all the issues people were having first. I’m shocked at a few of the most basic things that are now driving me nuts.

  1. Old Track Settings don’t work in C7? .vmx files, seriously? I’m sure many of us use these CONSTANTLY, now I have to redo them all in C7? Please.

  2. The Load/Save Track Preset doesn’t work on the MASTER OUTPUTS??? Why? This is silly. Now, I have to load a blank stereo audio track, load my saved preset, then drag the plugs over to my stereo output. WTF??

  3. Inserts and Sends are a pain now. It takes several clicks to get rid of an insert, why not the X button like before? And on the Sends, trying to move the blue slider is not easy. It seems like I have to click several times around the general area before it grabs.

Am I missing something?

This is crazy, I want my upgrade fee back or an update with these BASIC things that have worked for years back!

You should have tried the demo first


You are a little late to the party.

Take a deep breath, finish your current projects in their own version Cubase.

Take your time and slowly learn the mixer with an easy, simple project.

You may always continue to work in C6.

Seems you’ve unwittingly stumbled upon Steinbergs most talked about feature yet, it’s called “auto-ruin” it takes some really innovative ideas and trashes them with a really bad implementation and hideous design called the mix console. Just move your mouse around and it hides your plugins, zooms the wrong windows runs out of sync and ruins your mix!

You’ll discover even more hidden delights as you delve deeper…

Be careful though, it grows on you and turns you into whats lovingly known as a moaner on this here forum LOL

Welcome to C7 - Just make sure you don’t uninstall 6.5 !!!

Too funny. You guys are all correct. Shame on me thinking this would be a useful upgrade…Oh well, back to 6.5 for me…

I realised I enjoy using Cubase 7. Exept the quality of the plugins in mixconsole. I have looked at sonar X2 (read, watched X3) and Presonus studioone. I REALLY like the new live livemixer Presonus made (hope yamaha does something similar). It was interesting. I watched a clip on youtube "10 things Studio One does PT dont and vice versa 10 thing PT does but Studio one cant. Cubase 7 do all of thoose thing.

My plan is to buy a UAD2 satellite QUAD on my second firewire. Get rid of my liquid mix. Run 64 bit C7 windows 8 64bit. In mixconsole only use insert. sends, Pre and routing. NOT the channels
I really LOVE the arrangement you can do with mixconsole. Just think the plugins on the console are terrible; vintage, tube standard compressor, envelope, tape, tube saturation, limit. All crappy digital sounds.

Why not just use it a while, It’s extremely stable and has some great features, most of it is really good, it just looks so ugly and has a few flaws and work flow issues that can be seriously frustrating (most of it arising from scalability and really poor graphic design/implementation).

Though almost a year down the line, some of the most glaringly obvious issues (to a lot of people) have not fully been resolved and it’s costing steinberg dear as far as reputation goes.

Lots of people are looking at, and buying/using other daws, which is no bad thing in itself, unless that is, some one is seriously disillusioned by the current release and investing elsewhere, they won’t come back and spend more money in a hurry that’s for sure.

It’s gonna be a hard sell for steinberg when the next paid for upgrade is released, a lot of people will not want to part with money on something they know doesn’t work properly, but hey, at least the new batch of synths are bloody brilliant if only the host was on the same level !!!

All in all, it’s good, it’s just tacky and ugly to some though stunningly beautiful to others…

I for one am glad it was released when it was, otherwise I’d not have been able to write, compose nor get anywhere near my current situation with my songs, without the chord editing tools.

In my case I will watch C7 from the sideline for a long time (owning it since release), maybe wait for C8 before wasting more time on this version.

For someone on the sidelines you appear to have very much to say.

It has also made me hold back the Nuendo 5.5 to 6 upgrade (maybe the last Nuendo version I get).

Tell people in the Nuendo forum as you have promised in your multiple “I’m back” threads (that nobody asked for).

Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5.5 work just as good as before, and will be my main DAW’s for a long long time.

Good for you, now leave other’s to be productive with their favourite DAW, and retreat to your audio cave.

Keep doing music with what you own and love.

I will, but I don’t need other’s to tell me that Cubase is great because I use it every day and I would never stop upgrading a tool which is wholly designed for professionals.

I cant imagine they would even dare to come up with an paid upgrade with all these unfixed bugs…

is this guy for real ? seems like a few bricks short of a full load .

There are issues with c7 like the plugin’s disappearing behind the mixing consul and other things mentioned which hopefully Steinberg will have sorted by c7.5 or I can see the sales of C8 will be very low , I mean why would you want to move to touchscreen on a broken piece of software .
Come on Steinberg im enjoying c7 but it does have it’s infuriating throwbacks

The audio engine is stable (on it’s own) and in the UI there are always workarounds.

Music is the essence of life and Cubase helps individuals and collaborators create; it is manna from heaven IMV.

Nothing, it just depends on how you go about it.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

+1000 to that.

excuse me I didn’t not quote that , hencewhoever quoted

Sorry, my mistake.

Seriously, Cubase 7 a joke ? funny :exclamation:

Seriously, Cubase 7 a joke ? - Yes.

Life is a joke. Don’t take it too serious.


i use Cubase 7 all day every day in a professional (i.e. I get paid to do it) capacity. v7.06 is working well for me. I have 2xuad1 cards in my system. running windows 7 64 bit. there are annoyances with the mix console, but I still work without tears! no more crashing than with any previous Cubase version… and I use as lot of 3rd party plugins and instruments. Ed :slight_smile:

With that said, please state your name, age and location.

is henceforth a being from another planet? ok. I am a dictator of Zrag. currently located in Scotland, UK. I was born at the time of the big bang, like everyone else. And I use CUBASE. Glad I got that sorted! :mrgreen: