Just have to say that Steinberg...

… has been doing an excellent job lately. From communication to update releases to standard operating proceedure I have to say that they’ve really been on the ball. All the changes that have been asked for for so long seem to be implemented. Well done, Steinberg Team! Keep up the good work! :sunglasses:

+1 !

Yeah, it’s like losing the enemy …


can’t I get back on this one later? :confused: :blush:

+1 apart from wait for it …transparent events ,but a big thumbs up from me ! :smiley: :smiley:


Yep, and the locking streak from Ed tonight was also very welcome :slight_smile:

Well they let the Easter thread run to 11 pages. :laughing:

I am pleased with the software, going to install the 6.02 patch tonight.

  • 1 and bring choice for old fixed lane behaviour

but mainly


strophoid said

Yep, and the locking streak from Ed tonight was also very welcome > :slight_smile:

The trouble is that Steinberg have made Cubase so solid that we’re not spending hours fault-finding, tweaking and rebooting, so we come to the forum to fill the time between sessions. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I found this which could possibly explain the absence of mods…


I still want to see downloadable purchases. Everybody’s doing it. It has numerous benefits to both buyer and seller.

Overdue, perhaps, but it was gratifying to see him place the blame(in the Easter Greetings thread) squarely where it belongs.

Cubase 5 is purring like a kitten here. :slight_smile:

Cubase is running just great here. Top banana!


Upgraded to Cubase 6 at the same time as Windows 7 on a new machine, and everything works well, even the MR816CSX. Very smooth transition, thanks, Steinberg! Could I just complain a little that they never helped me with the problem I’m having getting automatic notifications, despite the fact that I’m very polite.

Actually I’m not taking the topic into a discussion about fruit that is higher than other fruit.

“Top Banana” is a mid to late British 1990s term for “Very Good!” or “most Excelllent”

And as such is a compliment to the behaviour of Cubase!!!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Assuming I get the monstrous commission I’m supposed to get in mid-May I will be picking up C6 soon. Of course, this is due to the fact that I’m reading so many happy posts about 6.02. :slight_smile:

I just got a decent long term contract working on a social networking site. So that might be my upgrade ticket as well. Still some months away though, as I have some catch up to do.

That would probably explain it.

Good luck Steinberg with the move. :smiley:

Thanks! Highly appreciated! Who would have thought that we have so much crap lying around since we last moved ten years ago :smiley: