Just Ordered C7!

Yes, I ordered the update to C7 as a X-mas gift for myself, I’m still at C5.5. :smiley:
I hope it will arrive tomorrow…

Now, what can I expect? Better, worse, the same?..

Merry X-mas!


definatley better…Kevin

Good luck with that Wim, let us know what you think. Personally I’m holding off for a bit, until the early kinks are out.


Hmmh, I suppose you can expect a lot of work to understand the new MixConsole concept.
It looks sooo easy in all that videos, but as an experienced user of CB 6.07, it takes hours to even have the same functionality visible in this new set-up.
(After all I’m still try to find out, what’s so fantastic on this “channel strip” issue)

But… nothing else to do here :laughing: No snow, but bad weather, just sitting in my studio and do the trial and error :wink:

Good luck to you


I’ve had no issues whatsoever…nothing, just worked fine

Be careful. Isabella just lost a few hours of work due to cubase putting recorded files in random untitled folders. I don’t know what version she is using.

Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy version 7. I just ordered Artist7 this morning and am still downloading the installers as we speak. I am coming from v5 as well, and am eager to see if the GUI overhaul is an improvement or just a big mess.

Alot of opinions out there, but it’s always just going to be the preference of the individual.

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

I started using it 2 weeks ago and it’s a great update. You really need to look at the Club Cubase videos that explain the mixer. Getting used to the concepts after seeing these is a lot easier.

Love it, in particular zoom is vastly improved everywhere.

Can’t be without it now.

Aloha W, and good move.

Depending on your gear expect a slight up-tick in cpu usage.
In my case it is quite small but it is there.

Have not done a commercial $$ project with C7 yet
but so far it has been rock solid. No crashes to date.

About a week from now I have a gang of pro guys
on the island coming over to do all day session (pizza/booze etc)
to really test out C7. I’ll post results.

I still have C5/6 and now 7 running on the same machine.
So you can stick with what you have now (C5.5) and slowly start to get
to know C7 at the same time.
Moderator Helge talked me into that and it was great advice.


Technically, I was on 5.5.3 but there was at the time what seemed to be a bug in eLc which allowed me a “permanent” trial.

Love you SB, I’ll always pay (when you make me).


Yes, that’s how I’m planning to do it.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi all, long time no been here!

Hey Wim, I’m thinking of going for the C7 update from C6.0.x. I’m on WinXP at the moment and also thinking of moving to W7 (newish machine, but stayed with XP coz it works for me). I have UAD1s so I guess I’ll be going 32-bit unless I can figure out how to get them working in 64-bit mode (I’ve been out of the hardware loop for a while and need to get back up to speed on what works with what).

Anyhoo - best wishes to any old friends out there in Cubeland!


Hi Neil! :wave:

If you’re going to get C7, you need to get W7 as well, 'cause it won’t work on XP.


I was kinda guessing that :wink: It’s a problem when you get a solid platform with everything and then get left too far behind with the lot of it! I’ll get it sorted … prolly with help from you guys here again :slight_smile:

You’d best stick to the kazoo. :wink: :yfc:

Not you again… :wink: .

C7.01 x64 working great here on W7 x64, once the mixer is set up right for any given project.

A small recurring problem when resizing and arranging the mixer, when the mouse cursor is hovering over the channel sliders area (on one of the mixers, not all two or three) the cursor pointer is stuck on what looks like up and down arrows, and only certain areas on the mixer can be manipulated with the mouse.
Takes a bit of fiddling to get rid of it and get the cursor back to the normal arrow :confused: .

Other than that, it’s fine here.


FY Forrest! :wink:

You’d fall in love and I’d fall asleep. :unamused: :mrgreen: