Just received new Time limited offer what does it mean ?

New Cubase upgrade offer

Steinberg is happy to introduce a time-limited upgrade offer for users of earlier Cubase versions or users of entry-level editions of Steinberg’s popular DAW as well as Sequel. From now until August 31, 2013, you have the chance to upgrade to Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7 at an irresistible price.

what does this mean ?? early users ??? the older Red LPT dongles??? i have a cubase score … any one clarify ???

It means time limited upgrade offer for users of earlier ubase versions - what exactly don´t you understand about it…?

No, users of early versions…

Go to the Steinberg page…?

Sorry , yes earlier users , which page pls , i open up , it say the same as my mail , thats all…


thanks , i m still kind of stuck , but ill make it , thing the upgrade is only for the C7 , full, version , wish they traded it with thier CMC range or uograde from C6.5 to C7 , try to contact Steinberg direct is like !!! , mentions to contact my dist , who dont understand what Midi stands 4 … so … ill keep trying … sm

It’s still $250 to go from CB4 to 7.
That’s not irresistible .
Am I missing something? That’s the same price as last time I looked. Maybe more.

Maybe there is some lipstick involved?

can steinberg pls clarify in detail , i need to buy some stuff , i can pay the rest cash , as contacting support with queries is like freefalling … sm

They are targeting Sequel/Essential/Elements/AI/LE users in this promotion it seems.

How many years have you used Cubase 4 ?

Do you think the $250 upgrade is out of line ?


You need to own one of the following products to qualify for this special offer:
Cubase 7 Upgrade
Cubase LE 4/5/6, Cubase AI 4/5/6, Cubase SX 1/2/3, Cubase SL 1/2/3, Cubase SE 3, Studio Case 2, Cubase Essential 4/5, Cubase Elements 6/7, Sequel 2/3

Cubase Artist 7 Upgrade
Cubase LE4/5/6, Cubase AI 4/5/6*, Cubase SE 3, Studio Case 2, Sequel 2/3

Ha , here i m talking about the cubase score red dongle Windows , i dont even know which version it falls into , was that older users??? thought i was doing a spring cleaning of old expensive stuff … looks like i m booted out … sm

  • Targeting hobbyists and excluding long standing loyal customers from this upgrade offer seems unfair.
    If anything they should be rewarding loyal users.

  • I’ve been Using Cubase for at least 20 years.

Here are a few other programs that I use and the upgrades that are being offered from the version that I own:

Ableton Live
v3 to v8 159
Full price 499

Propellerheads Reason
v4 to v7 129
Full price 399

Native Instruments Komplete
v5 to v9 149
Full price 499

v4 to v7 249
Full price 499

So, Yes. I think that $250, 50% of retail, for me to upgrade Cubase is out of line.

I actually just went back to the upgrade page and all of the prices seem high.
Most are 299. The lowest is 6.5 to 7 for 149 which seems very steep.
Where is the special offer?

If the last version of Cubase you bought was Cubase 4 in 2006, you’ve used Cubase 4 for 7 years for whatever that cost you.

How low should the price be? I don’t feel ignored as a long time customer, and I find that the price, which for me comes to around $8 per month over time feels about right when I compare it to what I pay for other stuff I buy. I don’t compare it to other apps like Live, or Kontakt because those are in a different category. I compare it to Pro Tools and Digital Performer. DP about the same price, higher for first time buyers.

Cubase is a tool, like my instrument and my other gear. I don’t mind paying for it because it does what it’s supposed to do.

Never buy a product out of “loyalty”. By the product that is the best value for your needs. Period. Make the vendor earn your money by providing you with the best overall option in terms of the product and the price.

Do you need someone to quote crohde’s post for you, or do you think, you can read it yourself…?


can any one tell me , when is the best time to upgrade form C 6.5 to C 7 , where u get the 7.5 grace free ??? does this exist , i see it around ??? sm

Usually if you activate your version shortly before (something like 4 weeks, IIRC) or after the new version comes out.

HI So if i upgrade now from 6.5 to 7 i get the .5 version grace free?? thanks sm