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Is it me or is the Cubase community thread less and less supportive and more and more agitated and just plain judgmental? Every time i have an inquiry I’m either just sent a reference in the manual or asked why i would ask such a question… I’m sorry, this is not aligning with the thread’s rules of being supportive with your fellow musicians and Cubase users…

I know we are all musicians and learned to portray our emotions, but lets not have it get in the way of our progressing to understand this software better or find ways to customize it based on each other’s workflow ideas. Remember, we are all here to do one thing, make music. No one is better than anyone in terms of knowledge about Cubase or music in general. We need to support each other.



I see a lot of backlash against Steinberg’s chosen design direction with Cubendo 13. Apart from that, I can’t say I recognize what you’re describing.

Would you consider sharing one or two of such threads you’re referring to? If I can, I’d be happy to help.

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I find referring to the manual a great approach (if it comes with an explanation). This teaches the users to know, how to use the manual, so they can help themself faster, next time. To be honest, I would like to do it more, but I’m too lazy to search for the topic in the manual.

Myself, I find lots of supportive users, who are doing a great job, here on the forum! And I’m really happy about it.



I’ve referred to the manual a million times and the way the manual is structured is it gives a detailed description of what everything does but in most cases you cant find what they are referring to. Like saying the name of the actual button or switch wouldn’t help a lot. I know you’re gonna find me somewhere in the manual where they DID include that, but the point is that it’s not included everywhere. So, it’s more a lack of consistency on the Manual’s part. And the fact that even if you know what everything does, having input on how to utilize it in a more intuitive way would be something only a user would have input on. Not a Manual. That in my opinion why the forum exist.

That is true there are many. That is to say that they are not the only ones with the jurisdiction to comment on people’s posts. A lot of users find this forum just means to be, well… Mean.


You can find the name once you hover over the button. The tooltip appears.

The name is displayed next to it.

If you need some help:

Okay sure. You’re on. I’ll be posting my previous inquiries below. Thanks!

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I’m sorry, I didn’t find any link to the manual or anything wrong with the answer, you got in the linked thread.

So what does the manual say about this topic of changing the Primary grid line colors?

Here’s a link to the online Cubase Pro 13 Operation Manual.

One reason to do this is trying to figure out what the initial question is actually asking. A lot of the questions posted here are pretty ambiguous from a reader’s perspective. Since the original poster knows what the problem is, having experienced it, their description always makes sense to them, even when it doesn’t to others. This is further complicated by folks using the wrong jargon, or even making up their own jargon plus the use of language translators for non-English/German speakers.

Asking why you want to to something is a way to find out what you are trying to accomplish & it potentially opens the door to alternative or easier approaches.

I’m sorry this just isn’t how the world works. Of course some folks know more about how Cubase or music theory works than other folks do. That’s one of the primary mechanism’s which makes a forum like this function - folks who are knowledgeable in a topic and are willing to share with others who aren’t.


I acknowledged the proposed solution and claimed to use it myself. My hope was to start a discussion about adding what in my opinion was a better approach. I felt I got shut down by you.

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