Keep pedal lines within music frame margin?

Is there a system/staff spacing setting which automatically prevents pedal lines from being positioned outside the music frame margin?

No, but you can increase the music frame bottom margin to increase the distance between the bottom edges of music frames and the bottom-most staff. Dorico maintains consistent distances between the top/bottom of music frames and the topmost/bottom-most staves within them.

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For reference, this type of thing was brought up in a couple of threads 4½ years ago, and Daniel expressed the same position (sorry for the pun) in each.

Thanks for sharing these threads. I understand Daniel’s position, but an option to change this behavior, even on a system-by-system basis, would be welcome. I have found myself working on occasion with printers that have very specific margin limits, and an option like this could save a great deal of manual adjustment. Aligning top systems is desirable in most situations and should remain the default, but users can certainly judge when the alternative approach is more appropriate,.

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In the meantime one could create a custom page template to make these adjustments easier and more consistent.