Key Colors Inverted In Audio Editor VariAudio

Hi to everyone. I swear, I tried everything in the Preferences but to no avail. Custom Colors don’t work.

We all are accustomed to the natural way things appear: black keys have darker lanes in MIDI editor and vice versa.

Here, in this pic we see Audio Editor in VariAudio mode. Black keys have lighter lines which is so damn confusing. See the pic attached. White keys are darker lines. Steinberg, WHY?

Is it possible to change things back to normal???


This has been reported elsewhere, but so far nothing has been done about it.

In N8 it is as it should be.

Hello - Cubase 10.0.40 user here; but maybe its not so different in Nuendo…? In the Custom Colours, I have set my Editor background colour much lighter, which gives the darker bands for the black keys in the Key and Sample editor (for VariAudio):-

Is that what you are looking for…?


Yes! That works.

The light and dark lanes in N8 do not appear to be able to be changed, which makes sense - why would you want the make the lanes for the white keys darker than the lanes for the black keys? - I suspect that the fact that it is set that way by default in N10 is a bug/mistake relating to the changes in the colour scheme features. At least you’ve found a way around it.

Well done :smiley:

Guys, what are you talking about?

How can I set “Editor background colour much lighter”? Mac here. “Cycle Region” and “Grid Lines” in Custom Colors only. I am starting to suspect it’s possible only in Windows.

See the pic attached. Help help help :slight_smile: Is there something that I am missing?

Click on the dark square to the left of ‘Edit Area Background’ and select a light colour. Weird I know and it took me a while to find it!

Thank you Chris! You’re the man!

Of course, I should have been more clear in my description.! Thankfully, @Chris has got it… :slight_smile: