Key command changes not applying


I have set the key commands for different note values to other commands than the default ones.
However, the changes do not apply (in spite of clicking apply). Please find examples in the attachment.

Thanks in advance

Do they actually not apply, or is it just that the key tips (the blue text on screen) don’t change?

In other words, have you actually tried typing 2 on the numpad?

They don’t actually apply, I’ve tried typing 2 on the numpad without result…

What keyboard language are you using, Pieter?

Hi Daniel
I am using the default language. My keyboard is Belgian (AZERTY) which differs a bit from the French one.
I’ve tried using the French keyboard with the same lack of result, helas.

Is it only the keys on the keypad that don’t work? If you try assigning the 2 key on the main keyboard, for example, does that work?

Hello as sugested I join this thread.

Here you can see the shortcut for the articulation is not visible.



For Pieter,
Do you speak Dutch or French,

If you change the ‘Keyboard language’ menu to ‘Auto’, do you have any better luck?


I have no option “Auto” only “default”.
Changing to default or another language does not make the shortcuts visible.



The shortcuts, however, presumably do actually work, Johan, despite not appearing in the dialog?

Hi Daniel

I speak Dutch. I have the same problem as Johan, the shortcuts are invisible.
It’s not only the keys on the keypad that don’t work, I’m afraid.

best regards

We will look into this and come back to you. We don’t have any actual Belgian or Dutch keyboards here, but we’ll see what we can do to reproduce the problem.

Shortcut not visible.png

Hello Daniel,

I have a hard time trying to find out what is working and what is not.
As my keyboard is Belgium it is not standard.
I had to create my personal keymap in v1.2 in order to avoid lots of shift and alt gr combinations.
It was working fairly well in v1.2 but as you know I did not use it very much because the missing repeat playback.
Now that repeats playback I would like to start over with v2
I’m starting to create my keymap again but I can not see what keys are mapped to what commands.

Dorico has the fancy command “Print Summary” in the preferences.
Two problems:

  • The beautifiull (French or other) layout does not correspond with my Belgian keyboard.
  • Not all shotcut keys are displayed. ( see pictures )
    For instance: In write mode - Set articulation ( staccato ) is listed as mapped capital E with accent.
    In the French layout it is not shown grey and there is no capital E with accent.

Maybe there should be a warning about using certain keyboard layouts.



Hello all,

Sorry for the large attachements.
I did not notice it when uploading.



Is it safe to assume the problem is limited to Dutch AZERTY keyboards?
@Daniel: can you make an estimated timing for a solution?


Hi all,
I’m also having problems getting reprogrammed num pad note value key command changes to work. Have tried both Default and English keyboard languages without success.

Any help greatly appreciated!

To follow up on this: we have identified a problem whereby certain key commands in the Note Input category for commands that have parameters, which includes those like “Set Articulation” and “Set Note Duration”, won’t show up in the list, even though they are correctly mapped. This was caused by changes made to provide localised category names in non-English versions of Dorico. I’m sorry for the inconvenience: the problem has now been fixed and the fix will be included in the next update.


Thanks for the future fix.

Maybe a stupid question?

What is the use of a default Keyboard language?
I see no differences comparing the default and the English json files.

( Comparing the default json with french gives besides the shortcut values always a space before the colons. )



“Default” just means that it will use the language that corresponds to the localisation you’re using, so if you’re running the English version, it will assume an English keyboard; if you’re running the German version, it will assume a German keyboard, and so on.

Now I understand better.

I thought the keycommands.json without language indication was the default one.