Key-Command for simple triplets?

Maybe I’ve not seen the obvious, sorry - but - is there a shortcut which does exactly the same as a mouse-click on the triplet-symbol? (Starting a simple triplet without asking for the ratio)
The “create-tuplet-key command” always “forces” me to enter the ratio first and then confirm it with enter before I cam enter notes…
Best - Andreas

I guess there is not. I wish I would have one as well:)

There isn’t, but since a triplet can be called upon in the popover without specifying the ratio, I feel the process is very much the same as in other software’s shortcuts, personally.


but I have to press 3 keys before I can start entering notes of a simple triplet:
After the pop-up has opened I have to enter “3” and press enter. Or do you have another, quicker way?
Would be more convenient to have to press just one key to start a simple triplet, in my opinion.

…or you can program a macro script externally to start/stop triplet entry.

Follow gerrie’s link - I’ve used that method myself (editing the JSON file) and it works absolutely perfectly.

Thank you - perfect.
Additional advice for mac users:
Don’t use “Textedit” for editing the .json file because it probably messes up the code and in a worst case scenario your key commands won’t work at all afterwards. (Happened to me first :wink: )
I found an app called “sublime text” that did the job and is free of charge for occasional use.

Andreas, thanks for this “heads up”! I appreciate the chance for a smooth ride during this process! Thanks for sharing.

Andreas, I think TextEdit will be fine if you have it configured to open new files as .txt files (unformatted).

If you are editing json files then I would strongly recommend not using a basic text editor like textedit because it’s very easy to mess up the file structure, especially if you are unfamiliar with the requirements of json syntax. I’d suggest a decent editor with json modes, such as Sublime text or Visual Studio Code (available on mac too)

I guess it’s wise to make a copy of the .json file first, as a back-up in case something goes wrong.

I added two lines: “NoteInput.StartTupletRun?Definition=3:2” : [ “Y” ] and “NoteInput.StartTupletRun?Definition=4:3” : [ “Shift+Y” ], and both commands function perfectly. I’m happy to have found this suggestion :wink:

Coming back to this old thread…
Is this hack still valid in V2
tried to insert the magical line in the Json file to no avail
“NoteInput.StartTupletRun?Definition=3:2” : [ “y” ]
any Idea ??

EDIT: It didnt work because the “Y” was already used by drum input I guess. All is well now

Reviving this instead of a new request: could we have a shortcut for a simple triplet or better yet have a shortcut for the triplet button? At the moment it’s a nightmare of clicks to input triplet heavy music…

You can input a string of tuplets after using the popover once. Just keep entering notes, and press “:” after the last tuplet.

Thank you Rob, that is how I do it now. I realise that there will never be a quicker way (until we have voice command :laughing: ) to input complex tuplets (and I do love how they implemented that), but I was asking for a shortcut for the already existing tuplet button i.e. for quicker input of common triplet.

Thank you anyway!

Bollen, as you should be able to see from this thread, it IS possible to have a simple triplet shortcut that replicated the button - I use Alt-3. You just have to hack the shortcut definitions file…

Thanks. I’m struggling with the same workflow issue. I’ve been using the Dorico trial for a couple weeks and so far, to enter a basic triplet I’m doing this: 1.) press enter 2.) move the cursor with the arrow keys to where I want to place the triplet, 3.) select the duration value of the triplet (and let me just say, so far it seems that even if a quarter note is pre-selected at this point, I still must press “6” at this point for it to ‘register’ as a triplet duration 4.) press semicolon 5.) type in 3:2 6.) press enter 7.) play the notes. That’s a lot of keystrokes for a basic triplet and worse, the triplet function doesn’t always stay sticky for the subsequent triplet (a bug?), so I have to delete the non-triplet and go through the process again. I’m not getting any faster at this and the occasional non-sticky issue isn’t helping matters. I don’t want reach across the screen with my mouse and click a triplet button each time I need a triplet, when everything else I need to do is under my fingers. Why can’t the semi-colon popover appear with 3:2 already entered? This way the key combination “semicolon+enter” would give simple triplets. The pre-entered text of “3:2” could be instantly replaced with any new text. I’m liking everything about Dorico except for this. Seems like an easy fix to a big workflow problem for me.

You don’t need 3:2. Just type 3.

As Leo says, for triplets (and triplets only), you don’t need to enter the ratio into the popover; you can simply type 3. And then triplets keep getting entered until you type shift-semicolon to cancel tuplet entry. FWIW I haven’t experienced the triplets not staying sticky, as you describe.

You can also click on existing notes and convert them into tuplets; or delete a tuplet, then the notes will be converted into regular rhythms (in Sibelius, either of these operations would delete the notes).