Key command for this?

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I download a lot of MIDI file for educational purposes, and many of them have all this extra MIDI information that I don’t need at all, and would only be useful if I had the original instrument the composer used.

So I spend a lot of time clicking the + button, choosing “Show used controllers” (I actually just found a key command to do that one), then right clicking on each CC channel I want to get rid of, selecting “Select all events on lane” and press the delete key. Over and over, probably over a hundred times.

I typed select all in the key commands search field, and it didn’t come up. If only I could have a key command that will select and delete all the CC automation in the lane I select, that would be awesome, because I would just do F13 to show all the used controllers, and then setup F14 to select all events and delete them.

For example, here I have a few lanes that show when I press F13 to show all used controllers. I want to get rid of CCs 24 and 28. So I have to right click on each of them, select “Select all events on lane” and press delete. Multiply that by 73 tracks in this project, if they don’t have anything else like SysEX (which I don’t even know what it is but I see it a lot in downloaded MIDI files), and I will spend a lot of time just by doing something as mundane as that.

I saw there a Macros section there, but it seems to me that they are just several key commands in sequence, right?

That is correct.

The tool you want to use is the Logical Editor (aka LE) not to be confused with its cousin the Project Logical Editor (PLE).

You’d setup the LE to Select all the MIDI Data which are not MIDI Note messages and Delete everything that is Selected. You can use it to create more complex Selection criteria if needed. There are a bunch example LE Presets that come with Cubase, and if one doesn’t exactly do this I imagine you’ll find something pretty close.

You can also assign the Presets to Key Commands & include them in Macros.

Example (but in french)

Delete all CCs

Delete all CCs in cycle range

Delete CC11

but for me it is directly assigned to buttons on my touch screen

Thanks, guys. So basically the way you would do it is to setup the Logical Editor to delete the CC automation for the lanes I do not want, obviously after selecting the notes. So I could make one that selects the CCs I see the most and don’t need, and assign to a key. That would be useful.

I had tried something similar with a setup somebody suggested in another thread (Wondering if the Project Logical Editor can do this) and it was the other way around. Basically, the idea was to select everything that wasn’t the CCs I wanted to keep, an inverse selection if you will, and delete everything else.

So I copied what mlindeb suggested, except in my case the names of functions look different, I’m guessing that they changed that in C13. But it should be the same:

But in my case this doesn’t work as intended. What it does is that it deletes everything, but leaves chunks of automation here and there.

But hey, I’ll try it your way, if at least it saves me some time, it’s worth it.


This is TouchOSC, right? Would you mind passing me your file? I’ll be happy to give you the ones I made, in fact I’ll upload them here in case anybody else wants them. They’re nothing amazing, just some faders and XY pads.

TouchOSC to (25.0 KB)

A couple of these might be useful if you have Eastwest’s Forbidden Planet, and there’s one for the Cremona Quartet Stradivari Violin that has a fader for CC14, which adjust vibrato amount.

Easier to use the List Editor - select the relevant Parts, open the editor from the MIDI menu, filter out the notes using the checkbox on the editors toolbar, ctrl+A to select everything then delete.
Use the focus menu in the editor to use the Logical editor to select specific controllers, if needed.


Sorry, I don’t see how this saves me any time. I just did what you suggested, and filtering out notes and selecting all and delete simply deletes all controllers, including the notes I want to keep.

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This is how it works for me:

(Sorry about the poor quality - I had to fit into 4 megabytes!)

This is TouchOSC, right? Would you mind passing me your file? I’ll be happy to give you the ones I made, in fact I’ll upload them here in case anybody else wants them. They’re nothing amazing, just some faders and XY pads.

No it’s not TouchOSC so I don’t have a file to share
This is the 14bitMIDI Sherlock Plugin created by Karol Obara
A great touchscreen plugin with all Cubase functions ready to use
more than 3000 functions 18 pages of 192 buttons
Karol is preparing the new version which must be even more brilliant but no more news for now
how long is it

Right, that’s what I mean. That way you delete all the CC’s, not just the ones you don’t need. I need to keep CC1, 11, 7, 2 (this one I’m not sure but it does have a lot of automation, so I’d rather keep it) and maybe some others.

You omitted the bit where I mentioned the “Focus” menu thing. I tried making a video, I just couldn’t make it fit 4 megabytes, so here’s a series of screenshots…
The settings in the Logical editor are simpler, you can add as many CCs as you like, save as presets for the future. Remember to select the OR option for each CC!

CC#2 is officially Breath Control, but for those with a joystick controller, as opposed to separate pitchbend and modulation wheels, it’s typical to see +y moves (pushing the joystick up) generate CC#1 and -y moves (pushing the joystick down) generate CC#2. It’s kinda like having a 2nd mod wheel.

I’ve forgotten the last time I used a breath controller… I suspect it was around 1992 using a Yamaha KX-5 and BC1 on stage. They were the days…

Following on from the excellent idea of using the Logical Editor, you can configure a preset with the Event Target Filters being:

  • Type Is Equal Controller And
  • MIDI Controller No. Unequal CC 1 (Mod) And
  • MIDI Controller No. Unequal CC 2 (Breath) And
  • MIDI Controller No. Unequal CC 7 (Vol) And
  • MIDI Controller No. Unequal CC 11 (Exp) And
  • Any other CCs you WANT to keep

Then, in the Event Transform Actions section, go to the dropdown menu and select Delete.

Save this as a Preset. You can then assign a Key Command to MIDI > Apply Logical Preset…

Key Command

When you hit the keyboard shortcut, choose your preset from the Apply Logical Presets window that pops up.

Apply Logical Preset

I hope that does the trick for you!

Sorry, but I still don’t see how the list editor is necessary. The Logical editor is enough to enter all the parameters you did without opening the list editor.

Yes, except that is exactly what I did that was suggested in the other thread, and it doesn’t work for me. I assume the difference in syntax is because you might be on C12 and I’m on C13. But you can tell the parameters are the same:

Like I said above, this causes to delete almost all the CC automation, except for some weird reason it leaves little chunks of automation here and there. But it deletes everything, including the channels I do not want to delete.

These would be better if you selected the CCs you actually want to delete. ie Equal. And use OR not AND. This has worked for me from C5 - C13.
Using the List Editor enables you to see what’s happening.
In the end, different strokes.

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Sorry - I think I should have been more precise with my post. Looking at your screenshot, you’ve selected MIDI Controller Value, not MIDI Controller No., so, what happens in your case, all the data values (except 1, 7, 10 & 11) on all CCs (1-127) used on the MIDI track are deleted. I bet if you check using the List Editor, the “little chunks of automation” you talk about have values of 1, 7, 10 and/or 11.
For C12’s Logical Editor, when selecting the MIDI CC #s in the Filter Target section, choose Value 1 from the dropdown list, rather than Value 2:

C12 Logical Editor

For those of you playing at home, if you’re using C13’s Logical Editor, choose Subtype, rather than Main Value. I’m not sure why it had to change, but I’m sure there’ll be a reason for it… :wink:

Oh, so now I see, it wasn’t the difference in syntax, I had to choose Subtype, and that allows me to see all the same stuff as in the example.

So I just made the changes, opened a MIDI files with lots of extra CCs I didn’t need, selected all the notes, and it worked like a charm. Perfectly. So thanks for the tip!

Now, is there a way to make this happen all at once, for all the tracks?

That’s great!!

I haven’t checked yet, but I’m reasonably confident if you select all MIDI track clips in the Project window, the Logical Editor will do its thing across all of them.

So, if you wanted to, you could create a Macro, consisting of:

  • Edit - Select All
  • Process Logical Preset - (The name of the preset you created)

Macro Delete Unwanted CCs

Excellent idea!