Key Command For volume and Panning

Hi, I tried to use Primary and secondary perimeters but they are not working.
Is there anyway to create key command to raise and lower volume and panning on the selected track?
I set them up in key command but it is not working

I just read this forum. Whats up steinberg?

Hi Dallon

This has been a problem for me for several years, the primary Parameter KC is NOT working and Steinberg have acknowledged it. You can use the “Fine primary parameter increase/decrease”which works fine. The irritating thing is it works fine in C10 pro which I use in my studio but not in Elements which I use on stage,where I particularly need it. If Steinberg are seeing this… (Martin it’s now two of us​:grinning::grinning::grinning:)

Best Regards, Dave

It’s these simple things that need to be fixed. Maybe I’ll create a support ticket.