Key Command to execute ARA/Extensions like Melodyne/Spectralayers

Right now, I can see no key command to execute extensions like Melodyne/Spectralayers.

Each time I have to click on the extensions bar to open them. Instead, can we please have a key command or macro to call the ARA extensions?

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+1 and another +1. Having a key command or macro would help a lot. Especially in combination with Metagrid.

I set up a “remove extensions” in Metagrid but yes definitely needs one for adding each extension + remove specific extension.

+1 trying out Spectra layers pro 7 now and no key command is making it less attractive than it might be. please add that abilitiy

So now that Nuendo 11 is out, did anybody see if a key command to execute ARA/Extension exists in N11?

+1 please!

Now I have 3 ARA extensions. They are Melodyne, Spectralayes, and VocAlign.


It becomes a pain when selecting a particular ARA extension from the menu every time for a long session. OMG Steinberg! You have key commands for almost everything! That includes things that we could not even imagine. Can you please make a key command available for maybe something like ARA 1, ARA 2, ARA 3, and so on?

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+1 yes agreed and its needs more than just that, for those that may not have seen my suggestions for ARA

This really really needs addressing! Running Melodyne on vocal file after vocal file of backing vocals and lead vocal segments is total workflow killer

Wavelab has this feature.


Still, Nuendo 11 does not have it. What a cumbersome workflow to repeatedly drag and mouse click so many times for ARA workflow! I hope the talented people in Steinberg understand this sooner than later.

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+1 would love to have key commands to launch extensions.

On top of that, i know this is a bit more work, but i would love to be able to execute both ‘unmix stems & components’ in ‘DOP’ or as a single keycommand in cubase which spits out the results to audio channels below.
Considering both programs are made by steinberg, i wish this feature could be executed quickly & directly in cubase.

Unless it is there and someone can kindly point to it, I am still missing it in the beautiful version of Nuendo 12.

doesn’t seem to be there in N12. There are some “extensions” key commands like - make extension permanent, or remove extension from selected events. But no key command for opening a specific ara extension. I really do hope this gets implemented.

Oh, that is what I thought too.

Dear Steinberg, please bring it from Wavelab at the very least if there is no other way to implement the key commands in any other way.

In fact, it would be nice to be able to specify which ara extension you’s like to open if you have more than one installed. So if you have for example Spectralayers and Melodyne, you could assign key commands to both.
Steinberg, please implement this :pray:

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