Key Command to execute ARA/Extensions like Melodyne/Spectralayers

Right now, I can see no key command to execute extensions like Melodyne/Spectralayers.

Each time I have to click on the extensions bar to open them. Instead, can we please have a key command or macro to call the ARA extensions?

+1 and another +1. Having a key command or macro would help a lot. Especially in combination with Metagrid.

I set up a “remove extensions” in Metagrid but yes definitely needs one for adding each extension + remove specific extension.

+1 trying out Spectra layers pro 7 now and no key command is making it less attractive than it might be. please add that abilitiy

So now that Nuendo 11 is out, did anybody see if a key command to execute ARA/Extension exists in N11?

+1 please!

Now I have 3 ARA extensions. They are Melodyne, Spectralayes, and VocAlign.


It becomes a pain when selecting a particular ARA extension from the menu every time for a long session. OMG Steinberg! You have key commands for almost everything! That includes things that we could not even imagine. Can you please make a key command available for maybe something like ARA 1, ARA 2, ARA 3, and so on?

+1 yes agreed and its needs more than just that, for those that may not have seen my suggestions for ARA