Key command to move events up or down?

I want to move a selected event up and down to other tracks, with a key command. This is can be highly useful for speed at times, and I can’t find a key command for it. What is it called in Key Commands?


I think you could just simply use the up arrow key. It works here anyway unless I’m mistaken about your goal.

They want to take an event on one track and move it to the same place on an adjacent track.

The required macro is basically “Cut, Select track-Next/Previous, Paste at Origin”

With that macro, would it always paste at the start of the event, even if the event was copied from a different location timestamp-wise?

Ah never mind, it’s very simple, right on that thread (I missed it the first time): Nudge Up and Nudge Down in Key Commands. Exactly what I want – no Macro necessary! Thanks for pointing me to that thread.

Ahh…I should have read the thread more thoroughly!!