Key command to open Sampler Track in window (like vsti)

Hi guys,

Is there a way to open/close the Sampler Track as a normal VSTi window?
Or maybe open it by default in a window?

Im trying to find/setup a shortkey to open and close the Sampler Track, but its not really working.
I always end up with half the screen taken by the lower zone.

The command “Edit VST Instruments” opens the lower zone, but it doesnt close it (like with other vsti’s).

greets my fellow cubies


You can assign a Key Command to the Editors > Open Sample Editor in Window.

Hey martin thanks for your reply…

This doesnt work for me…

I can’t get the shortcut to work, it doesn’t react, I only hear the MacOS beep. (Warning of a key that has no function, I’m on Catalina/MacBook Pro 16”)

I tried really simple short keys like “L”, and bind it to Sample Editor In Window

When you use this shortcut, it opens the Sample Edit in a window?

My “Edit VST Instrument” key does open Sample Editor in lower zone, but it doesn’t toggle, only open, not close (lower zone keeps open).

What is the logic in this?

“Edit VST Instrument” should open the Sampler Track in a new Window, and close it.

“Open Sample Editor” could have lower zone open behaviour.

This way people can choose whatever they like


Yes, it works for me here. Are you sure, you select Audio event, not Audio Part, pease?

What do you mean with this?

Im on a Sampler Track, it has no Audio parts or Audio events, to my knowledge :slight_smile:

I am de-selecting everything in the arrange window, maybe you mean that, just the sampler track…

i will make a video later to show this wierdness


Sorry, I was probably drunk… (I don’t drink). :thinking: :grinning:

Interesting, the “Editors > Open Sample Editor in Window” KeyCommand doesn’t work for me neither anymore, sorry. I will report this to Steinberg.

Maybe you can also ask to bind Edit VST Instrument key command to the Sampler Track also

Why use all these different commands? one for opening VSTi & “Sampler Track in window” makes more sense, its a much better work flow

Okay so this is super confusing…

“Editors > Open Sample Editor in Window” is ofcourse going to open the Sample Editor, not the Sampler TRACK lol

So we are back to my first question:

How can I open the Sampler Track in a separate window?
So like any VSTi, and not in the bottom editor.

Does anybody here get painfull eyes with this new lower zone stuff? Everything is too tiny to see!
Id rather see a regular scalable editor for the Sampler Track, and bind it to a key command.