Sampler Track - Open/Close with Shortcut & open in separate Window


one of the main shortcuts I am using is the one for “Edit VST Instrument”. It opens or closes the plugin GUI of a selected instrument track. It also opens the lower zone with sampler track tab when using it on a sampler track, but you can’t close the lower zone when pressing it again. This is a huge workflow killer for me.

Please add the following option in the preferences:

  1. Always open Sampler Track in separate Window, allowing to use the the “Edit VST Instrument” shortcut just like with any other VST instrument.
  2. Add the “Always on Top” option to the separate Window of the sampler track.

With the editors (sampler editor, drum editor etc.) you have the option in the preferences to either open in the lower zone or not:

Shouldn’t the so difficult to make this preference available to the sampler track as well.

And of course you need to add then the “Always on Top” Option to the separate window like with any other plugin gui:

Thank you