Key Commands cheat sheet for Dorico iPad?

I understand how to enter and modify key and MIDI commands in Dorico for iPad (and search for commands), but is there a “cheat sheet” or PDF with all the commands for reference?

If not, I’ll make one and make it available when I have a moment.

Steve Steele

Yeah that would be nice. Separately I put in a request to support hold Command key. Normally on iPad apps when you hold the command key momentarily it pops up an overlay with available key commands. I assume this comes by default if you’re using a iOS native pane, the QT library is probably using something lower level from C++ so you don’t get it automatically. But perhaps the team can add their own version, or hook in to the native somehow.

Anyhow here’s the documentation on the web, or maybe @Lillie_Harris could do another great cheat sheet, like they did for desktop? I love PDF shortcut sheets, I laminate them and keep them near my desk.

It wasn’t actually me that made the quick reference cards, that was my colleague Ant (unless I really am misremembering something). In the vast majority of cases, the key commands are the same on desktop.


This is great - thanks for the link.

Thanks Lillie!

The quick reference cards and poster are super useful, as is the the ‘Getting Started with Note Input‘ PDF. I’m encouraging my pupils to download Dorico for iPad (if they have an iPad) and/or Dorico SE, and these resources will be incredibly helpful.

It would be great if there was a link to them via the User Manual pages as @DanMcL suggested:

They’re all linked on this one-stop-shop for all sorts of Dorico resources.

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Hi Lillie,

I’m definitely going to make good use of that Resources page; it’s a real treasure-trove.

Can I suggest a link to that page be added to product page for Dorico Music Notation Software - Write scores with Dorico | Steinberg or somewhere on the support page Despite roving around on the Steinberg site for the last few months I’d not come across this before, but it’s just what I was looking for.

Thanks to you and all the team for putting together such good resources.

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I know this thread is about the commands for Dorico for Ipad, but I also want to remind people finding this thread about “cheat sheet” (there are other similar programs out there too) which is a program that allows you to set a key command to hold and it will display all available key commands for whatever window is in focus.