key commands for L/R mixer zone broken in 10.0.10 ?

No, you’re not alone on this one.
SO annoying when updates breaks things that worked before.


Could you be more specific, please?

Could you write the steps you do, your expectation result, and the actual result?


Sorry, I can’t see the “Show/hide left mixer zone” Key Command in the list. There is only the global: Windows Zones > Show/Hide Left Zone in Cubase 10. You can use the same Key Command for all windows type. And this Key Command work to me here.

This has changed from version to version, and it looks like it is have finally fully cooked. :wink:

All the zone commands are shared between the Project Page and Mixconsole, and have sensible easy-to-remember names, and are in the section, Window Zones.

So they actually freed up some keystrokes for us.

OK, I just didn’t check that…
It kind of make sense to have one KC for left/right/upper/lower zones over all.


Yes, finally we are not forced to remember 2 Hey Come, one for Project window and another one for MixConsole. I like it, great!

I just had a look, and I see the discrete keystrokes for the mixer zones are actually still there, in the Mixer folder of the KC dialog, but don’t work. So I would call this a bug.

They are also present in the Generic Remote, where they also do not work.

Other commands in that section do work in the generic remote, but suffer from what I would see as an irremediable defect since they only work when the window is front-most- e.g., if someone is using a remote device and running more than one display, it’s a mistake to expect that the user will want to first observe the title bar of the mixer window in order to determine whether it’s the active window according to shade of color of said window that might have been set by the user, or by the OS and also it might even be the case that the two shades are so similar that some extra moments must be spent by the user to discern it.

Just as the previous sentence suffers from extreme verbosity, :wink: the requirement of having to check the status of window focus before executing a keystroke introduces an impediment into the flow of the series of moves the user needs to make. Also it’s inelegant. Like this paragraph :wink:

In conclusion, for those who have not yet fallen asleep– since the command only operates on one element in one window (okay, window type: Mixer) it should be unnecessary to require the window be in focus, This will still leave those who use more than one mixer unhappy when they see zones all change in those multiple mixers, but that’s a FR debate for another day.

I correct these deficiencies using Autohotkey.

Good day, und schlaft gut!

Did you check to see if this has already been entered or should I?

My assumption is that they were evolving to zones, (I think zones KC’s started in C8.5 or C9) and eventually would drop the mix folder KC’s that duplicate the zone KC’s. Streamlining…anything to reduce redundant KC’s and improve consistency while maintaining simplicity is a good thing. Just don’t streamline and loose valuable things. Im not opposed to the old method Rhino is used to, but please lets do it one way or the other instead of trying to please all things to all users.

In general, I think the entire KC window needs to be re-built. The search function is a joke. There are missing KC’s. You never are sure of which KC applies to which window. Sometimes, the many-function micros have issues. However, unlike current users desiring fast workflow, I think a re-built KC window is low priority when selling Cubase.

I think the idea of history window moving from it’s separate window into a tab next with mix history is a great idea! That would eliminate the fact that there is no KC to close the history window. Then you have history, mix history, and snapshot tabs next to each other.

I agree cycling through tabs isn’t practical or worth it for fast workflow. It’s the same as cycling through open windows using Windows ctr+tab to obtain focus assuming you have a project window, mix consoles, editor windows all open at the same time.

Hopefully, as more users employ large screens, multiple screens, ultra-wides, the focus/navigation issues that have been especially prevalent since C7’s new mix consoles will be addressed. I think the reason it hasn’t been addressed is main focus is on laptops, and the fact that focus/navigation means little when marketing Cubase.


Please, when you will report, attach your Key Commands.xml file. I can’t reproduce it here on my side.

I expect, it’s probably somehow related to the Cubase preferences migration to the newer Cubase versions. Even though I have Cubase 9.5 installed (with the preferences) here on the system, so it’s probably not a preferences from C9.5 to C10.

I think Rhino and others in that camp have a good case. (ErikG for example). Anyone using two monitors and has a mixer on one of them should imo, be able to hit a remote button or keystroke to open the mixer l or r zone without bothering about the window’s keyboard focus.

But since there are so many inconsistencies in using it, I can’t deduce what the intent is.

Example- In the mixer functions menu, if you deselect Zoom>Use Standard Zoom Controls you can have separate key command for mixer zoom. And, the standard zoom commands work on the project page without it being the active window. But the Mixer does not! :question:

I’ll have a look and enter it.

It’s been reported as: Specific Mixconsole Zone Key Commands No Longer Work :ugeek:


Sorry, just for my info, why do you need global Key Come (the same for Project window, editors and MixConsole) and dedicated one for the MixConsole only? I can’t see the sense, but I’m happy to learn.

I’m happy it’s unified now.