Key Commands for selecting specific Cue Send for Main section

I talked to Hans Zimmer the other day and he also would like to see the following addition in Nuendo:

Add key commands that allow selecting a Cue Send directly as the source for the Main section of the Control Room.


Currently the key command only allows stepping through the defined Sources (Mix, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4).

When it comes to Downmix presets or Monitors we have both, the step through option but also the direct selection.
Hans and I would like to see the same for Sources.

Bonus points for the quest to receive the “Steinberg developer of the month award”: Add the user defined names of the Sources for Cue Sends to the tooltip:
The toolitp should possibly read: Source: {button name} - {user defined name of cue}

(I did not really talk to Hans. I am too busy to return his calls. :grin:)

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Just found out that this request already exists for some time in the Cubase forum. Here is the link. Please cast your vote over there in case you want to support this request.