Request Shortcut Key Command: Previous Control Room Source, or Select Specific Source

In the control room section of the Key Commands window, there is an option for Select Control Room Source

I use this Key Command to select the next Cue source which I use to A/B reference with another track, etc.

I would like to be able to setup multiple Cues (all 4, preferably), however cycling through 5 sources to get to the one I want is kind of tedious. It would be great if each source can be given it’s own Key Command, or at the very least given the option to cycle backwards so that I can switch from Main to Cue 1 and back, without having to go through Cues 2, 3 and 4 beforehand.


This is exactly what I came here to suggest. Thanks for explaining it. I’m voting for this.

Btw, isn’t it very strange that there are no one backing up this suggestion?!

Btw 2! The Nuage Master control surface has this exact functionality. Direct buttons for all internal and external sources.


Sad to see this wasn’t added in Cubase 13. Here’s to hoping this gets more visibility and perhaps implemented in a future patch or update.

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YES, well said. No idea why this hasn’t been added, it seems so obvious.

As much as I like Cubase, it is often that I stumble upon small things like this that don’t exist for some reason…

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I too would love for the key commands to be extended to all the options in Control Room.

I’d like to be able to CMD+ALT+NumPad {1-4} to select each source, for example.