Key Commands: Let us assign the Mouse Wheel Up/Down with Modifiers everywhere

Hello @Steinberg,

Short version:
Please let us assign the Mouse Wheel Up and Down. That would let Cubasers effortlessly use their Mouse Wheel for Zooming, and even more (see exhaustive list of actions below) in all situations.
This will let us, for example, Zoom in the Sequencer the way we like with the Mouse Wheel or Nudging Clips / Midi-Notes, Slipping Clip’s Content, and Re-Ordering Track Fx with the Mouse Wheel.

Long version:
I’ve gathered the most commonly assigned Modifiers over several “professional’s habits forming” softwares such as: Adobe Photoshop CC, After Effect, Premiere, Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Waves EQs, Logic X, FL Studio 12 (don’t laugh, it became an amazing DAW), Apple Final Cut, Acid Pro 7 (soon to finally become 8) and so on.

“MW” means “Mouse Wheel”

Mouse hovering the Sequencer zone:
• MW (no modifiers) = Scroll Vertically up/down
• SHIFT+MW = Scroll Horizontally up/down
• CTRL+MW = Horizontal Zoom in/out (centered on pointer’s location)
• ALT+MW = Vertical Zoom in/out (centered on pointer’s location)

Mouse hovering a Midi Note (in the In-Place, Lower Zone and Windowed Midi Editor):
• MW (no modifiers) = nudge Midi Note left/right (according to current zoom’s grid lines)
• CTRL+MW (on a Midi Note) = Increase / Decrease Volume of the Note’s Velocity Stem

Mouse hovering the black & white Piano keys (in the In-Place, Lower-Zone and Windowed Midi Editor):
• ALT+MW = Vertical Zoom

Mouse hovering a Midi or Audio Clip (in the Sequencer zone):
• CTRL+ALT+MW = Nudge audio or midi clip left/right (when pointer is hovering the Clip’s title/label) (according to current zoom’s grid lines)
• CTRL+ALT+MW = Slip audio or midi content of the clip left/right (when pointer is hovering the Clip’s content) (according to current zoom’s grid lines)

Mouse hovering an Fx slot in the rack of a Mixer Track:
• MW (no modifiers) = Re-order (move up/down) Fx position in its rack

I’m 100% positive, without a doubt, that all Cubase users all over the world will bless you for this.
And all “spies” will be like “oh let me print that real quick and show it to the devs”.

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Thanks @Planarchist!
Anyone else wanna jump in and give it a +1 / comment?

This is already how it is except for the ALT+MW which could indeed be useful but you can just make the key command for that yourself.

This is bad idea. Will just lead to accidental nudging or velocity change if you don’t take care where mouse cursor is located when trying to scroll.

Could be useful but again, just make the key command yourself.

Bad idea. Again will just lead to accidental nudging. Slip audio is done by CTRL+ALT+DRAG which is fine as it is and shouldn’t be changed.

Don’t know really. Suppose it wouldn’t hurt.

Don’t expect that. Besides why don’t you just edit the key commands to your own liking?

Hello @KHS,

Thanks for your thorough comments, I really appreciated it!
Alright let’s get down to business.

ALT+MW: "you can just make the key command for that yourself"
There’s no way in Cubase to create a Key Command with the Mouse Wheel. Keys & Modifiers are the only things you can assign.

Midi Note Nudge / Velocity, Clip Nudge / Slip: "Will just lead to accidental nudging or velocity change"
I understand your fear, but for years on FL Studio, users had no trouble paying attention of what their pointer is hovering (and thus, what the MW is controlling).

CTRL+ALT+DRAG = Slip Audio: Shouldn’t be changed
I never talked about changing the current habits, God forbid. I’m always talking about adding a new or secondary way.

"Why don’t you just edit the key commands to your own liking?"
Again, Key Commands are for Keys / Modifiers only. If there was a way to assign MW + Modifiers, I wouldn’t be posting this FR.
If Cubase takes my FR into account, and integrates those Shortcuts, I’d be delighted. If they decide to integrate the MW + Modifiers in the Key Command Preferences, I’d be very happy as well.

"Don’t expect that."
I’m no snowflake, but I don’t settle on pessimism. Remember: I’m not asking to change current Cubaser’s habits, I’m asking for an Addendum. Just like when I FR’ed Steinberg for the Smart Zoom 2 years ago (added in 9.5, seems to work out just fine for everyone) (post:

Haven’t really changed the key commands as I’m just using the standard for zooming so didn’t know you cannot use the mousewheel for your own key commands. For the midi nudging part that is simply just something i don’t want to keep an eye out for. Don’t really care what the FL Studio users are accustomed to as I’m a Cubase user and not a FL Studio user. FL Studio was designed to be a loop based DAW while Cubase is not and thus things are working a bit different.
Cannot support anything that could lead to accidental nudging or changes if mouse cursor is at the wrong place, specially in the key editor where there are notes all over the place.

For the slip audio, I’m against because when you do this a lot and are doing it fast, it’s like ALT+CLICK to cut then CTRL+ALT+DRAG to slip then SHIFT+MW to scroll. It would be very easy to mess up with CTRL+ALT+MW to also slip, on the other hand it’s easy to just CTRL+Z to undo accidental slips so not really sure about this.

This is the only one that I see being very handy for those of us that use a MW.

I will also add to my reply above…

I understand that you are coming from FL Studio and there is certain things, that you are used to in terms of workflow and how you do stuff, that you like to be implemented in Cubase. But as you have decided to switch DAW, you should also accept that certain things in your workflow needs to be changed when switching to another DAW. That is true for all DAWs and general speaking, suggestions for these things are not something many will support as in some way or another it will mangle with the workflow Cubase users are used to and we dont want that.
Basically you just need to learn and change your workflow according to the DAW you have chosen to use.

I wouldn’t want most of these. I don’t want to use the mouse wheel for editing except on text value fields. It’s for scrolling, zooming- navigation. It really does sound like a set of features someone is used to from other daws. So sorry, a -1 from me. (if it matters)

At one point a while back the mouse wheel was tried for transposing in the Score Editor. It was one of the few times a feature was rescinded quickly.

+1 for mouse wheel modifiers

  1. Well I’m neither am I (and I used Cubase since v5.5)
  2. If you look carefully, you’ll realize Cubase has inspired itself from other DAWs in the past MANY times, and that’s what it’s still doing (Ableton Live’s “Lower Zone” and Window Management in Cubase 9.0 / 9.5…). So I believe this is not a show-stopper for Steinberg’s developers.
  3. FL Studio was a pattern-based software, not not loop-based.
  4. The ultimate loop-based DAW was Acid Pro.
  5. By the way, Acid Pro is the DAW that came up with these 3 concepts that are now in Cubase (and Sonar):
  • The In-Line Midi Editing
  • Smart Grid
  • And the MediaBa
    (So, not bad for a “toy” right? No seriously I just wanted to show you how inspiring and fresh it can be to see what’s going on in other DAWs, Steinberg Developers clearly do).

Cannot support anything that could lead to accidental nudging or changes if mouse cursor is at the wrong place, specially in the key editor where there are notes all over the place.

I agree, this can be cumbersome.
But that’s where “options / settings” come into place.
Let the Steinberg Devs integrate it wisely, with legacy users in mind, I’m sure they’ll make it flawlessly for everyone.

For the slip audio, I’m against because when you do this a lot and are doing it fast, it’s like ALT+CLICK to cut then CTRL+ALT+DRAG to slip then SHIFT+MW to scroll.

Those are amazing shortcuts (and thank you so much for bringing them up here, now I’m using them everyday).

I agree 100%. And you’ve seen I just asked for only 3 Feature Requests, because all the thousands of other Features of Cubase fits me perfectly.
As I said I really don’t want to mangle current user’s workflow at all, and would gladly have my own custom setup for these MW shortcuts.

What would you think if Cubase just let us add the Mouse Wheel in the Key Command options? That way I’ll be able to setup all these shortcuts myself, without the need for Cubase to impose them to everyone.

If I can do it, I will just create my own Keyboard Commands profile. Nudging and Slippin and Zooming with the Mouse Wheel, just the way I like.

PS: By the way keep in mind 1/3rd of these Modifiers Shortcut don’t come from FL Studio, but also from Acid Pro, Live, Photoshop, After Effect, etc.

Steve, so can you +1 for Mouse Wheel modifiers in the Key Command editor? So that people can use the MW the way they want (without imposing those modifiers I’ve compiled from other DAWs/Design Softwares, right out of the box)?

+1 For Mouse Wheel modifier in the key command editor. That would be a great solution that everyone can live with.

Yay!!! KHS is in the house!!! Thank you again for your tips & tricks :slight_smile:

Anyone else interested to see this happen in v9.5.x?

+1 for being able to change mouse scroll key binds and modifiers.

Did you know that scroll modifiers for same things in Cubase are different on Mac and Windows. This is not even a question of they key names but their physical placement. For example in windows version of Cubase you zoom in horizontally by holding control and scrolling with the mouse. The same thing on Mac requires holding command, which resides where the windows keyboard has its ALT button. Did I mention that the scroll directions are reversed? They are, and I’ts not reversed for every thing, just for half of things, which means that going to macos settings and changing scroll direction wont help one bit.

This annoys me very much as I work on both platforms.

It would also be useful if it could be mapped to QC/AI!

I don’t get this - i have almost all of these functions working in Cubase by default !!?
I can’t remember to have programmed any of these specifically…i can use it that way for horizontal scrolling (+Shift),zooming (Ctrl), of course vertical scrolling without modifier and change values while hovering over it.
I am using short cuts excessively, and therefore also got a keypad (Razer Nostromo) with yet another mousewheel, that i use to nudge events left and right, can highly recommend that as it leaves almost no wishes open.
Another tip for mouse customization is the app X-Mouse Button Control.

Yes, please put an option to change mouse scroll key binds and modifiers. Thank you in advance!