Keyboard screen in MIDI key editor not working

OK I may have inadvertently done some thing in settings to cause this. If I open the midi key editor, with a vst instrument assigned used to be able to click on the notes of the vertical screen key board and hear what the note would sound like on an instrument track assigned to a vst. Also if I hit record, and set up quantise, I could click the screen keyboard and they wouldbe recorded. Now that doesn’t work. I can still hear the notes if I click on the grid where they have been inserted or if a add a new note. Can anyone tell me what to look for to get the vertical screen keyboard working again?

This screenshot shows the screen keyboard I refer to … Steinberg Forums

OK thanks for that. midi thru active is selected in preferences, I’ll work through the rest of the thread. I hope the config file isn’t corrupted.

OK perhaps more info is needed. I’m using a Compaq Presario Laptop, Cubase 5 LE and have the Low Latency ASIO driver in use. I have instrument tracks linked to vst’s. I’m not using an external keyboard. I want to hear the notes or drum sounds in generated by the vst when I use the vertical screen keyboard to play the note either in record mode or when step input is selected. Once the notes are entered either by using the draw tool, I can hear the note if I click on the coloured bar on the grid representing the note but I can’t hear it with the keyboard. It does the above with monitor on or off and with midi thru in preferences selected or de selected.

Hello again.
I got the vertical keyboard and the the virtual keyboard to generate the notes again by going into preferences, selecting midi - midi filter. I unchecked “Note” in both the “Record” and “Thru” panels and the on screen keyboards now generate notes again.
I’ve found out what the problem is but I have no recollection of changing that setting ever.

You might want to check “Key Commands…” (under the file menu) to see if a key command has been assigned to “MIDI - MIDI Thru Active” (under Preferences) and as such accidentally can get triggered.