Midi controller not triggering VST instrument(Event receive


Please help. For some reason, today, my midi controller is not able to play VST instruments even though they are working if I mouse click on their keyboards. Also, I can see midi data transfer on the front of Cubase so am not sure why it is not triggering my midi devices.

Thanks in advance.

Are you using a MIDI tracks routed to the VST Instrument rack, or are you using an Instrument track?

If you are using a MIDI tracks, can you see the blue “line” (meter) of incoming data to the track? Can you try to record some MIDI data? Are they recorded? Can you double check your routing? Are you using “All MIDI Inputs” as your input, or any specific device?

I would like to find, there is problem in the MIDI part, or the audio (synthesizing).

Thanks very much for the reply. Yes to all your questions. When I play the controller I see the blue line, and it does record although I can only hear what I have recorded during playback.

Midi routing appears fine, all midi inputs is available for selection and is usually the one I select.

What is strange is one day it was fine and the next thing it was not (actually post the 7.02 update)!!!

I have also noticed that on the VST instruments panel usually a little blue dot used to appear when played but I dont see it now. Also, when I play the keys using the mouse of the VST instrument everything works well. There just seems to be an issue with the live playing.

Could you share an screen shot (including the Track Inspector in question and the Transport bar)?

The more information provided the better the help generally is. :slight_smile:

Here it is. As you can see the Midi fader shows it is receiving the input signal, plus as you can see I have recorded a small section to show that it is recording. Playback you can hear the sounds once recorded but NOTHING during live play.

Also, to add insult to injury, if I use Reason in rewire mode, Reason works perfectly…
Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 15.07.30.jpg

Can you click on the first tab of the Inspector (looks like 1 | SampleTank2…) please, and send the screenshot again? There is routing of the signal, in this tab.

These one’s?
Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 17.26.27.jpg
Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 17.27.10.jpg

is the monitor button on on the mixer for that channel , not the inspector ,the mixer ???

Monitor button is not necesary for MIDI Channel, in this case. Can you try to change MIDI Channel to Channel 2, just for sure, there is no problem with the sound. Can you try to set different sound.

Can you try to use different Virtual Instrument?

What sound card do you use? ASIO driver, what about latency? Some instruments stops playing, when there is no Buffer Size large enough.

Martin, I appreciate your responses and help. Thanks v much.

I have changed instruments and channels. Issue is when I play the virtual keyboard on the VST instrument it works so the sound card etc all works fine. Plus when I record it does record the notes just doesn’t play any sound back.

Here is another screen shot.
Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 18.10.28.jpg

what are you talking about , the monitor button IS used for midi channels , so your telling me for an external midi device you don’t monitor it with the monitor button , get your facts straight if you do not use the monitor button then you can not monitor your midi and if the monitor button is on then you can’t hear what you have recorded …FACT !

yes the monitoring is active. As I mentioned, when you play the keys on the VST instrument (check the Ivory II graphic, it has a keyboard). When you click the mouse on those keys it works fine, plus in the bottom left if the VST instrument (Ivory II) you can see a midi indicator. When I play using my external controller, this is not working, however if I play the actual VST interment keyboard, the midi indicator lights up.
Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 18.30.33.jpg

No, you are not right. Just try it, before you write it. :wink:

If your MIDI track is heghlighted, the Monitor button could be Off (grey), but you will hear the sound. If it’s heighleighted, it’s fine.

So, another instrument (the Ivory II) doesn’t sound too, right?

What about your sound card? What do you use? What Buffer Size?

None are working. As you can see from the screenshot even Reason works in Rewire and also, if I load song, it works perfectly except for being able to play in real time with sound.

I am so frustrated, this only started to happen post my upgrade to 7.02 a few days back. Never had any issues before. I have been using Cubase since V2!!!

External sound card Cakewalk UA101.
Buffer size is 512
Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 22.21.53.jpg

I found something strange on your screenshots - names of all ports.

All your output ports are named as “XYZ - MIDI Input”. All your Inputs are named as “XYZ - MIDI Out”. Strange names…

The second one, I found, I can see the blue line of the MIDI Input on the Transport bar, but not on the Track. Can you check MIDI Devices in the Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup?

Go to the preferences and activate “MIDI thru Active”

This :wink:
(but, if it is already active, then there is some corruption in your preferences folder)

In this case, you can try to trash preferences.

I am very embarrassed… IT WORKS!!!
Changed the midi thru to active…

Using Cubase for the past 10 years and I cant believe it could have been something so easy.
Many thanks to everyone for reading and helping. I am very grateful to all.