King Herod of Steinberg wrecked my install

And Lo! … it came to pass that a shiny new PC was delivered unto me and soon it was furnished with a new install of Cubase Artist 10.5
But King Herod of Steinberg was spiteful and due to social distancing, instead of the usual ‘go forth and slaughter’ stuff, he commanded his trusted Download Assistant to play havoc with this new installation and scatter the files of Cubase far and wide across the land of the SSD drive.
And so, when the Not-so-wise man came to venerate himself in front of the shining monitor in the East, he found that Cubase Artist was not as he was expecting to find it.
Instead of producing angelic singing with the Olympic Choir, the Not-so-wise man found himself frustrated and bemused by messages of ‘The plug in Triebwerk (and Hypnotic Dance and Dark Planet also) could not be found’ and ‘Resolve missing files’ for multiple loops and samples … (well every flamin sample or loop in cubase …)
And so the Not-so-wise man went forth to seek wisdom from the knowledge guru of Youtube and many videos he watched but to no avail.
After a week of farting around until he was utterly brassed off, the Not-so-wise man threw up his hands in despair and cried out … ‘I’m totally p***ed off with this now!’
But then a loud voice boomed out … “Go forth and seek out the wisdom of the Forum … for there you shall find many Wise People who shall guide you to the promised land of Installation enlightenment and peace shall come among you…”

Ok … so … I’m really sick of this now … It seems like another case of lots of files being in the wrong place after installation. I’ve uninstalled Artist several times and deleted every last damn folder I could find each time. I’ve tried to read multiple forum posts on this subject but as I’m not the most tech savvy Not-so-Wise man, I struggle to understand them.
So when I now open a project created on my old PC containing loops and samples, it can’t find any of them from any library and there are various librarys missing in Media Bay however I can play samples/loops in Media Bay for the libraries that do appear there. I’ve tried using ‘Locate’ and ‘Search’ but no success.
When I open a project from my old PC that uses Hypnotic Dance, Tiebwerk or Dark Planet, they all appear in Media Bay and I can hear the presets through Media Bay but in the Inspector, all three instruments appear as !!!Triebwerk!!! or !!!Hypnotic Dance!!!
If I open a new project on the new PC, in the inspector, Tribwerk, Hypnotic Dance and Dark Planet are not shown as options (only HALion Sonic SE instead) but all three are there if I open HALion Sonic along with the other VST instruments like Flux.

I’ve looked in all the Steinberg folders on my old PC and files are definitely in different places in my new PC. I will happily list them if that’s any use.

Please … as in PLEASE … if you can give me some pointers on this I’d be very very grateful … But if you could give me suggestions on a beginners level, I’d really appreciate it…!!!

Cheers guys and Merry Christmas…!

well done on the Christmas theme (even if it did make it a little trickier to work out what your issue is!)

to Summerise:

Cubase Artist 10.5
Missing sounds/presets

Do you know where all the VSTsounds are on your PC ?
Have you used the Steinberg Library Manager to install them all ?

by the way … HoHoHo :christmas_tree:

That you so much for getting back to me so quickly! … I really will try to answer whatever you ask but I’m kind of basic when it comes to this stuff… Everything is on the SSD C: drive at the moment.
I can find folders for VST sounds in the following places:-

Program Files/Steinberg/ Cubase 10.5/VSTSound (all FCP_SMT_001 to 009 _Cubase…)

ProgramData/Steinberg/Content/VSTSound … (5 VST Sound folders for Cinematique Instruments, Msixty7, SampleFuel, Soundiron, Sound Updates… then there are 55 VST Sound Archive files mostly titled FCP_SMT_(Number)…
There is a difference in the above folder from my old PC… There are 5 ADD_SMT_(Number) files for Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk,Dark,Planet, Granular guitars and Granular symphonies presets in this folder that are not in the same folder on my old PC.

I used the Download Assistant (latest version) for the whole download, opened the downloaded file from there and then for every downloaded instrument, it went to Library assistant and 'verified the instrument. I just let it use default paths for everything.

In the Library Manager can you see ALL your libraries including the missing ones.

If in doubt click on one of the .vstsound files in EACH folder - and it should add them or tell you if it already knows about them.

I have checked Library Manager and all the VST instruments and libraries are there (the same as my old PC) except for GA ONE beatbox and GrooveAgent SE library which are missing on my new PC.
I’ve clicked on every .vstsound file in both VST Sounds folders. Only one from the Program files/ steinberg /Cubase 10.5/VST Sounds didn’t come back as Already Registered.
I’ll open Artist now and see if it’s any different…

drum roll…

Nope! … it’s still giving the same messages when I try o open the same project as I was trying to open before,

if you start a new project can you use those libraries ?

GA One Beatbox and GrooveAgent SE library have now appeared in Media Bay!! … and they are working normally!! … but … in the Inspector, all the Instruments are there in the Default box but Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk and Dark Planet don’t appear as options.

I’ve opened another project from my old PC that had loads of loops in it but that still isn’t loading any of them.

Sorry … yes I did open a new project to try the libraries…

clutching at straws now…

try downloading the missing ones again - put them somewhere new and unregister the originals…then double click the new ones and ‘register in place’

OK! … this is testing me now … but I’m doing it!..

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I think I’ve done exactly what you’ve suggested … but no joy unfortunately … when I open both ‘old PC’ projects, it still gives the message … ‘the plug-in Triebwerk … Hypnotic Dance, Dark Planet … could not be found for Instrument track …’… and the loops aren’t being loaded… still getting the ‘Resolve missing files’ window…
This is a real pain isn’t it?..!!!

total pain I agree - and I’m out of ideas…
probably a waste of time but put a support request in on your MySteinberg…and hopefully somebody smarter than me will come along on the forum to help

Well thanks for your time and patience! … Hope you can have a good Christmas wherever you are!..
Thanks again!

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