Klarinette (H Be)

The German translation of transposing instruments is still utterly wrong - that was the very first thing I testet when starting the new version 4.

Anything a user can do here to get this right (besides manually correcting each and every player and layout name every single time)?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can of course create Project Templates with the correct name.

No, we’ve put in a lot of new features for handling instrument names in Dorico 4, and there are lots of new options, including specific ones for German. Please look again.


Please see pages 77 following of the Dorico 4 Version History PDF for full details of the changes in this version.


This is great stuff, very appreciated! :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to know why you found that things were not handled correctly. Have you tried out the new features already and found them deficient, or did you just open an existing project and expect Dorico to fix things up automatically for you?

Hi, Daniel.

At first I opened an existing project and the existing labels were (as expected) still wrong. Then I added a new player and it also showed the wrong layout name.

Then I closed Dorico completely, restarted it and created a new, empty project. I added a new clarinet player, and while within the score the label correctly reads “Klarinette in B”, the player’s name in the left panel as well as the layout name in the right panel again showed “Klarinette (H Be)”. Then I started this thread here, because “H BE” does not make any sense for German instrument names, but it seems to be the default: The new Library Manager tells me that the only change I’ve made is switching the language of instrument names to German.

There seems to be another problem: I have the general language set to German and English instrument names but always get “in Hb” instead of “in Bb”. Only if I switch everything to English it works.

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I can confirm @Antonio_E 's observation, see attached screenshot.
Dorico is running in German, but English names still have their “H” instead of “B”.


I changed everything to German, but the instrument picker still shows “H Be”

In the score everything is all right. I would love Dorico to get totally rid of the annoying “H Be” ! :grinning:

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Did you set “Notennamen in deutschen Instrumentnamen” to “Deutsch (B / H)”?
In the instrument picker, everything looks correct in my installation.

One small additional thing, while we are here together:

Is there an easy way to get the very same label that a staff has in the score (“Klarinette in B”) as layout name and therefore on the player’s sheet? I’ve searched everywhere but found no option that would include the "in B"in layout names.

When I add a new player and type “Trompete” in the search field, the transposition is displayed wrong, but when I add an instrument to a player using the “+”, the transposition of the “Trompete” is shown correctly. Very strange!

Same here: Started a new project using the predefined “Modernes Orchester” template, and in the full score, the systems are labeled correctly (Klarinette in B), but the setup menu shows the annoying “H Be” non-translations, and, more frustratingly, the parts show these names as well :frowning:

Also, strangely, even if I set the option "use English names (Bb/B), the full score remains correct.

Somehow, there is a disconnect between the settings and the visible results.

I have read the release notes (p. 77 ff.) several times and tried all the options, and it still doesn’t work (except for manually changing all the names) for new projects created when everything is set to German.

Sometimes, the instrument picker offers “Klarinette / B”, and the resulting layout is named “Klarinette (H Be)”, at other times, the instrument picker offers “Klarinette / H Be”, and the resulting layout is named “Klarinette (B)”. This is all extremely confusing.

I will come back around to this as soon as the dust has settled. If there are any remaining bugs in this area, which is certainly possible, I will make sure they get addressed.

Please have patience. You can possibly tell that there’s quite a lot happening today, and if not, please allow me to tell you: there is!


I absolutely understand that there are many other (and more important) issues that need to be addressed first, and I’m not in any hurry here (I have been patient since April 2018 when I wrote the first forum post about this problem in Dorico 1).

Hi, Daniel.

Just wanted to note that everything I add here is meant to provide additional (and hopefully helpful) information to you and your team. It’s not a matter of urgency whatsoever. I’m very aware that you do have other priorities on days like this one :slight_smile:

Antonio, from a logical point of view, what does „in Bb“ mean? It would mean half a tone beyond a „B“ - which is the German name for a B-flat.
So you would end up with an A…
Better would be „in B“ - because it would be correct.

k_b, in English instrument names, “Bb” is the correct form.