Kontakt 5 in Cubase AI 9.5.40 as VST ins.

Hello, need help!

As posted am working on MAC with Cubase Ai 9.5.40 and Kontakt as VST.

In standalone position Kontakt work perfectly i.e. using a midi keyboard etc.

As a VST inst. cubase recognize K5 so I can charge a rak of my own created inst, install ALL MIDI INPUT and Kontakt 5 midi in)
but i cannot use my midi keyboard. I see on the transport window that a signal is send (track get illuminated) but no sound in heard.

I am stock for days now !
Anyone knows about this problem ?


Hi and welcome,

Try to increase Buffer Size. If it will not help, share some screenshots of the routing, please. Can you hear a sound, when you just drag-and-drop a sample from MediaBay to the project and play it back?

Hi Martin, thanks to be there,

To answer your question: yes I can drag and drop sample from Media base into Cubase, both audio and midi . . . and it plays on the computer.

Putting a midi sample on the Kontakt track (04 Kontakt 5-midi in) also plays. . .04 indicate the fourth rak charged of Kontakt.

So it’s coming out but nothing is going in . . .

I got a USB audio interface and my midi kb is connected via a midi line into that interface.

I send you 2 screen capture as demanded .

I hope it give you some idea !!

Au plaisir



I just wonder the MIDI Channel is set to Omni in Kontakt. Can you set it up to a specific MIDI Channel, please?

When you Solo the MIDI track, make sure the Instrument Return is Soloed too, please.


Omni in Kontakt mean that it will answer tho any MIDI channel number coming from the Midi track. But if you set Kontakt to any MIDI number, the Midi track has to be to the same number than Kontakt.

I manually write Data in the midi Kontakt track and Kontakt is playing it! . . . it’s a good point !

I don’t know if you will be abel to open the screen capture below but it will give you some info.
The MIDI track play only when it is set 01.Kontakt- MIDI in.

As I told you the transport window show a signal (track get illuminated) when I play the MIDI controller but I hear no sound. . . so I cannot record anything!

Is it a Pilot trick?

nice day

/Users/vincent/Desktop/Capture d’écran 2018-10-29 à 15.43.45.png

Here is the Screen capture.

It is not possible to send a photo in the Quick response.



From this screenshot I can see there is an audio signal coming out from Kontakt. I can’t see the Transport Panel to now, if there is a signal on the Out of Cubase.

Could you try to increase the Buffer Size if your UR22 please?


Here are 3 SS that let you see a bit of the system . . . Buffer size the I changed from 32 ! to 2048 / photo of a test project, at the bottom right audio output of cubase / and the audio system showing UR22 as Asio pilot .

So buffer size is increase / I can drag and drop any sample audio and MIDI on corresponding tracks . . .the play back is working but the MIDI controller is still silent . . . but i got a signal on the transport window when I play the KB.

A mystery!



Could you send a screenshot of the Project window (and Kontakt, same as the 1st one) while playing the keyboard (and no sound)?

OK !

I don’t know if it’s what you mean but In that project window bottom right, the most illuminated signal
is when I hit a key on the kb.



Isn’t your keyboard excluded from the All MIDI Inputs on the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports?

It was but setting it up didn’t do any good.


Change the Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls MIDI Input ports to Not Connected, please.

Didn’t do it !

I probably kick in open door but this makes me think
“As I told you the transport window show a signal (track get illuminated) when I play the MIDI controller but I hear no sound. . . so I cannot record anything!”

And dropping midi on track i plays.

I don’t see the monitor button on midi track lit???
This mean nothing plays in realtime as you play the keyboard.

Sorry to barge in, hope it does not confuse anything…

Is your MIDI keyboard connected via MIDI to UR22?


Does it work with any other Instrument?

I’m slowly out of ideas.

Does it work with any other Instrument?
In fact: No!
I just get no sound back when I play the controller !! and it happen on every VST instruments.

This Screen Shot is to show that on play back each track (MIDI and audio) is playing. These were
drag end drop samples and MIDI files from HAlion . . . the lonely green line at the bottom right
beside the general output is to show the signal when i play the controller (Larioso was wondering
about not seing activity on the tracks)

EVERYTHING IS OK! (PLAY BACK , DRAG AND DROP SAMPLES ETC. . . .) but the controller is silent!!

I will try to get another MIDI controller . . .for fun !

Thanks for you patience . . . Martin.

Turn on monitoring, little speaker icon next to the (red) arm track indicator.
Provided that you actually have midi information reaching the track ?