Kontakt 7 and Cubase

Kontakt 7 is terrific. UI and search much improved. Works perfectly with Cubase.


Don’t try it yet. I was created I really big orchestral template in Cubase. And now if I will install Kontakt 7 I need to do it again :frowning: it’s the pain…

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True… Templates are a problem for sure. Not an issue for me as I do not use large templates but I certainly understand the challenge.

Apart from templates, how do projects based on K6 load once you’ve upgraded to K7?
– does K7 replace K6

No issues. K6 remains unchanged and loadable so both 6 and 7 are available for use.

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No. They work separate… and this is a main problem

That’s the problem Alexander_D is talking about. Kontakt 7 has its own vst so you need to adjust the templates to be used with Kontakt 7. On the other hand all existing projects have been created with Kontakt 6 or below. So you need this also. A little chalence to see how to deal with this in the most efficiënt way…

I think, that I will wait. It’s the new product and probably buggy. All libraries which I need at this moment works perfectly in Kontakt 6. Maybe if I will see the super excited library which works only in Kontakt 7 maybe I will purchase it. And maybe after the year of this release will install Kontakt 7 and will do the new template when will have a free time… think so…

Granted, that one must reconfigure the template or project for it to to use Kontakt 7, have you found any 3rd party libraries or presets that do not work in the newer version? I’m actually still on Kontakt 5, but will buy the update in December (sales time, maybe)

Any new compatibilities (I strongly doubt it but I’m eternally hopeful), such as using tuning commands from Cubase (e.g., midi microtuner, Note Expression tuning)?

All my libs are fine… Spitfire audio OK, Impact Soundworks OK, all the Native libs OK. The best parts of 7 (for me) are the new search feature and much better UI scaling.

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Going from 5 to 6 was a little more problematic IIRC, because there were no longer multiple DLLs (on Windows) with different numbers of outputs.

Also a concern for me, as I see little in Ultimate 14 to warrant the upgrade costs, but I might go for just upgrading Kontakt from 6 to 7.

Yeah me too… I will crossgrade to Kontakt 7 Full (right now I am running Kontakt 7 player only) but I will not purchase Ultimate. Way too much of what I do not use compared to the few things I would use. It will be interesting to see what the upgrade price is just for Kontakt. I assume it will include Kontact Factory 2 and some other enticements although there’s much there that I use. I just really like the new search function and display improvements. Much better workflow for me.

Sorry I did not mean to include Spitfire in the list… They have their own vstis

kONTAKT 7 is a blessing for me in Cubase 12.0.40. 6 just kept crashing this year all year…now am back to normal…


One nice new thing is that unlike all the previous Kontakts, Kontakt 7 will no longer force you to look in your files directory for your “2nd class citizen” type libraries that were not possible to be included on the Kontakt Library tab. Now you can take any kontakt library, and make it look just like the ones in the library tab.

That should have happened years ago.



Is it safe to assume that the free Kontakt 7 Player is the same as the full version, with the exception that only “official” libraries can be played back? The reason I ask is, yes, I’d like to try it out but I don’t want to disrupt a perfectly stable Kontakt 6 (“full”) setup.

So is it OK to to install the free Kontakt 7 Player so I can try it out with my existing commercial libraries?

Yes sure

Yes no issues