Kontakt instrument volume reset

I am puzzled by the way Dorico handles Kontakt instruments. I’m raising it here because I think it’s something I don’t understand about Dorico, rather than something I don’t understand about Kontakt. But I could well be wrong about that, and apologies if I am.

Anyway it seems to me that, by default, Dorico sets the volume of a HALion instrument at 0 dB. When it loads a Kontakt instrument, however, it tries to reset the instrument volume at -6.2 dB. I say “tries” because I have found that the volume is not reset if I disable “Accept standard controllers for Volume (#7) and Pan (#10)” in the instrument options in Kontakt.

So I suspect that, on loading the instrument, Dorico is sending a CC7 message which sets the volume at -6.2 dB — even though the two options offered by Kontakt itself are -6.0 dB and 0 dB, and of these I have selected 0 dB. Am I right about this? If so, is it possible to stop Dorico sending the message, as against telling Kontakt to ignore it?

I believe you’ll find this previous thread informative:

Thank you, Daniel: no surprise to get a quick and helpful response from you on a Saturday morning! I had searched for “Kontakt volume” but didn’t think to search for “CC7”. That thread, in so far as I understand it, seems to be about a CC7 message sent on starting playback. Actually I am finding that the volume is reset when the instrument is loaded (e.g. on reopening a project containing it), even if I don’t start playback – indeed, even if there is nothing to play back. This doesn’t really bother me, now I know how to override the message within Kontakt: I’m just groping my way towards a clearer understanding of how Dorico handles third-party VSTs.

Yes, Dorico will send various MIDI messages to reinitialise playback when the project is loaded.