Korg Kronos USB- B Out MIDI Transmit and Receive

I have a Korg Kronos 88 and I would like to use my USB -B out from the Kronos to transmit and receive to the Focusrite itrackdock, which has on board a USB-A input. This would allow me to use the Kronos as a MIDI controller. Korg has a USB Driver, that you can download for the Mac or PC. And it works great on a computer.

Is there a Driver that can be loaded into CUBASIS to take advangtage of the Kronos’ USB -B MIDI out to use the Kronos as a Controller with the Focusrite itrackdock’s USB-A input?

I am currently using the Yamaha Wireless MD-BT01 MIDI, works great, but I would still like to use the Kronos’ USB-B out to record on Cubasis for my MIDI tracks.


Hi rich55,

Please check the routing tab of the Midi track in Cubasis for available MIDI ports / outputs.
Unfortunately it is not possible to support specific USB drivers on iOS (compared to the desktop world).


This thread may offer some insight. I have a Focusrite iTack Dock and it is picky about which controllers it will accept.