Korg microKEY Air

Dorico 4.3.20. Win 11 on MS Surface

I bought this small Bluetooth keyboard primarily to enter notes in Dorico. In Windows Control panel, I see that I have paired it successfully; however, in Bluetooth mode, it does not trigger notes in Dorico (or Synchron player). I shut down Dorico and restarted it so it would scan, but that did not help.

Am I missing a step? Thanks.

(I’ve had many keyboard controllers and they always worked automatically, although some DAWs want you to select them as input devices.)

Does your new device show up on the Play page of Preferences as a MIDI device?

Will check, but just learned that I need to install a Korg driver. Bummer. I expected plug and play. Thanks.

And you also need to go in Dorico to the Preferences dialog (Edit > Preferences) and on the Play tab scroll all the way down, unfold the Advanced Options and make sure that ‘Enable WinRT MIDI’ is selected.

Thank you. I would not have snapped to that.

1-Downloaded and installed the Korg software and the keyboard is paired with PC.
2-Enabled WinRT MIDI in Preferences.
3-Closed Dorico and turned on keyboard in Wireless mode.
4-Opened Dorico.
5-Keyboard shows steady blue light (good).
6-Put carat in staff and play notes. Nothing happens. (Entered notes with mouse to verify entry is working.)

I’m starting to think I wasted money on this keyboard.

(By the way, after I bought it I found out it only works with one MIDI device at a time, which is not good–but beside the point until I get it working with one.)

Do you see the little MIDI indicator light in the bottom right-hand corner of the Dorico project window light up when you play on the keyboard?

I don’t see any kind of MIDI icon on the bottom right, but when I play the keyboard, nothing is blinking or showing up in that area (or really anywhere).

Hey, here’s a thought. I opened VSL Syncrhon Player and the keyboard triggered notes there. I closed it, and still nothing in Dorico.

Korg has some kind of disclaimer about the keyboard only working with one MIDI device at a time. I wonder if Synchron player is in use in the background and that’s keeping the keyboard from working in Dorico. That would be stupid since Dorico is using VSL, but maybe they way Korg is made, it just isn’t going to work.

I have a really old Akai USB mini keyboard. I would rather have wireless, but I may pull that out and trfy it.

I also have a microKEY Air, which I’m not very happy with. It’s basically stowed away because it makes always trouble during pairing. I did have it working at some stage, but then again, now it won’t connect anymore correctly, so I gave up on it. I don’t recommend using it.

Typically in Windows I need to use a software MIDI router if I want the signal to go to multiple ports simultaneously. I use Bome, but the ancient freeware program MIDI-OX still works too. You may need to use a freeware program like loopMIDI to create multiple ports as well. With a software MIDI router and multiple ports, I can send a MIDI signal to a Synchron Piano, Transcribe, and Dorico all at once.

I have a CME XKey Air which works fine on my laptop, but only if I use it with MIDIBerry. Perhaps MIDIBerry would help with the bluetooth side of things with the Korg too.

Wow. I had forgotten about good old MIDI-OX.

I will check these solutions out. On my rack-mount studio machine, my keyboard MIDI controller is plugged in via USB and it just automatically works with everything (VSL, Cakewalk, Finale, etc.). I am a little disappointed that this is not more plug-and-play, but I am sure it will eventually work out.

I’m a little brain-fried right now from leaning a new MS Surface, installing and learning Dorico, installing and learning StaffPad, installing a new generation of VSL libraries and making them work with everything, moving my old VSL libraries to my new machine, setting up a new iLok account, etc. I also exported a large orchestral piece I mocked-up in Cakewalk and imported it into Dorico, and that had a few quirks to figure out. It’s lucky that I have such a huge IQ. :slight_smile: JK…

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Can someone tell me where this MIDI indicator in Dorico is that is supposed to flash when there is MIDI input? This keyboard shows a steady blue light but does nothing in Dorico.

There’s a green dot in the lower right corner that flashes when Dorico receives a MIDI signal.

Hi @konradh , maybe also install the utility called MIDI-OX to make sure that actually the Korg does transmit MIDI.

Thank you, sir. It works with Vienna Synchron player. No set up needed. Weird, right?

I’ve had a small Akai LPK-25 sitting around the studio for years. If I find the right USB cable, I’ll try it. (My goal is a backpack composing set-up.)

Hi @konradh , and you definitely have “enabled WinRT MIDI” in the Dorico preferences? Without that it won’t work in Dorico.

Yes, sir. Definitely have. I’ll mess with it some more later today and see if there is anything weird I can spot. I will also try plugging in a generic controller and see if the problem is Dorico or the keyboard. Thanks again.

@konradh , you could also do from the Dorico menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Maybe I can spot something from the log files and things.