Korg nanoKontrol/nanoKeys not working in Cubasis 3

I have just got both KORG nanoKontrol/nanoKeys - studio controllers in hopes to use them with Cubasis 3 :smiley: . I updated both of my Korg Devices from KORG’s Website so to work with IOS 13 with Bluetooth Midi and I downloaded “Bluetooth Midi Connect”-APP by Korg as instructed to do from Korg’s downloaded nanoKontrol Studio’s owners manual. The nanoKontrol studio just does not work as for nanoKeys that i get sometimes some notes to play as well pitch etc. but nothing else. As for setup in Cubasis 3 there’s not much there to do except for selecting the KORG device under “Midi Track - Routing” to receive the input from nanoKeys-(In The Routing Menu Cubasis 3 shows both devices(nanoKeys/nanoKontrol-btw). I do have both of these connected over “bluetooth Midi”- However I did try this as well with a Wired connection with the same results. There does not seem like there is much in the “setup” function in Cubasis 3 for selecting a preconfigured setting for these devices or even to send and receive “Mackie/HUI protocols”. Thanks for your time.

Hi Sapobiz72,

Thank you for your message.

As of yet, Cubasis does not offer MIDI controller support, which is planned to follow in a future update.

Nevertheless, operating the app with compatible audio devices and keyboards should work without any problems - cabled or via MIDI over Bluetooth LE. Please have a look at our available MIDI over Bluetooth tutorial, to assure the correct settings.

Please let me know if this helps.


Planned for future update really taking long time a little sad for this . Still looking for something like korg nano studio which can control over Cubasis

Hi musicman.chuen,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis is developed by a fairly small team at Steinberg.

The app is maintained on a regular basis, and the next Cubasis update, v3.2 will be released on Monday, Dec 21, 2020 adding many new user-requested features and improvements:

Forthcoming Cubasis 3.2 release including new Waves IAPs

We try our best to fulfil the wishes from our users in a decent amount of time. Given the large number of user requests, and based on their individual complexity levels, some take more time than others.

Be assured, controller support (MIDI Learn) remains on our list for future updates with high priority, and we hope being able to add the feature request sometime soon.

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looking forward for new update . Thx

Hi musicman.chuen,

We do too… and hope you will like the new version!


+1 for the controller support. It’s exciting to see the addition of keyboard control of Cubasis 3.2. That says to me you’re getting close! I’m looking forward to controlling transport with a MIDI foot controller (this would be a great hands-free setup for my voiceover recording). If there is some kind of foot controller that can send qwerty keys instead of Note/Program/CC I’d love to know about it, to enjoy what’s in the 3.2 update!

+1 for MIDI Learn in future Cubasis updates.

It would allow users to “adapt” Cubasis to their current workflow, making it an even more appealing and versatile app for many musicians that rely on the increasingly powerful iOS devices for their music making.

Greetings from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Hi @FedericoSardi,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.
MIDI Learn is on our list highly prioritised. Please be patient… :slight_smile:


Thx for the latest update :muscle::muscle::muscle::clap::clap::clap:
Huge update and making iOS device produce music like a pro

Hi @musicman.chuen,

Thanks, glad to read this… :slight_smile:

Enjoy making music
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Hi Cubasis team!
I also would like to be able to use korg nanokey, nanopad, and nanokontrol with Cubasis.
It means a lot to me, I made an account just to make this comment.

Hi @Jokeypokester,

Thanks for your message.

I also would like to be able to use korg nanokey, nanopad, and nanokontrol with Cubasis.

Cubasis 3.3 has been released a while ago, where we’ve added MIDI Learn, Mackie Control and HUI Protocol support among a lot of other new features.

What exactly does not work when using these audio devices with Cubasis?