"Last Value Contiues" still broken

Hi, I’ve been waiting for a fix for this since 9.5, and it still seems broken. Can we at least get confirmation that this is indeed a bug?


The Automation Lane is still overriding the “Last Value” found in a MIDI region once playback has gone past that MIDI region.
It worked fine before CP9.5

Steps to produce:

(In Preferences-MIDI, ensure that in “Chase Events” “Controller” and “Chase not limited to Part Boundaries” are checked.)

  1. Create MIDI Track
  2. Load a new Rack Instrument (for example Kontakt 5)
  3. Connect the MIDI track to the instrument
  4. At measure 5–Record some notes on the MIDI track while moving the Modulation wheel and make sure modulation data is correctly written into the controller lane of the MIDI part. Have the last value of the Modulation data be 0.
  5. Fold out an automation track from the MIDI track by clicking the small arrow to the bottom left of the track.
  6. Select All CC - CC 1 (Modulation) from the parameter list on the automation track and make sure that Replace 2 - Last Value Continues is selected in the Merge MIDI Pulldown Menu
  7. Activate Read on the automation track and add ONE point at measure 2 of the automation curve. Make the value 127.
  8. When Cubase 10 reaches the end of the recorded MIDI region, the Automation will take over and snap the CC1 (Modulation) value being sent to the Kontakt instrument back up to 127 even though the LAST value should still be at 0 because of the MIDI Region.

Previous to 9.5 Cubase would honor the Last Value of CC1=0 even past the recorded MIDI region. In 9.5 once you pass the recorded MIDI region it started reverting back to whatever the automation lane was set at regardless of whether the automation lane data was truly the Last Value or not.

I can workaround by gluing all my midi regions together, but it’s really annoying to be overdubbing a spiccato harmony on top of an existing spiccato string line and when I hit the end of the existing MIDI region, the automation takes over and changes my patch back to “longs”. This is one of several annoyances caused by this persisting bug.

Any word on this???


Have you read what does the help says about the modes, please?

Yes, this is what it says:

Replace 2 - Last Value Continues
Similar to Replace 1 - Part Range, but part automation only begins when the first controller event within the part is reached. At the end of the part, the last controller value is kept until an automation event is reached on the automation track.

This is not the way it behaves. At the end of a MIDI region, the automation lane takes back over even if the only data point on the automation lane is at measure 1.

Can you record a video of this? either video screen capture or use LiceCap to generate an animated gif

yes, will try to do that this weekend

Ok, sorry. This is the first weekend I’ve had a second to revisit this.

Here is a video showing the issue with a couple different CC’s (apologies in advance for the unceremonious vacuum noise at the end of the vid :slight_smile:)

Could someone at Steiny at least acknowledge this is an issue? I’ve been trying to get it fixed since Cubase 9.5


Can anyone else confirm that this is indeed broken?

11.0.20…Last Value Continues still broken.

Still broken in CP 12