"Last Value Continues" still broken??

Hi, I’ve been waiting for a fix for this since 9.5, and it still seems broken. Is it still on the radar?


I have the same setup as described in the above post.
Basically it seems that the Automation Lane is still overriding the “Last Value” found in a MIDI region once playback has gone past that MIDI region.
It worked fine before CP9.5

Here is a logged bug report where automation was completely override a MIDI region which isn’t the case anymore.

However, the problem still remains that “Last Value” is not being calculated correctly.
Steps to produce:

(In Preferences-MIDI, ensure that in “Chase Events” “Controller” and “Chase not limited to Part Boundaries” are checked.)

  1. Create MIDI Track
  2. Load a new Rack Instrument (for example Kontakt 5)
  3. Connect the MIDI track to the instrument
  4. At measure 5–Record some notes on the MIDI track while moving the Modulation wheel and make sure modulation data is correctly written into the controller lane of the MIDI part. Have the last value of the Modulation data be 0.
  5. Fold out an automation track from the MIDI track by clicking the small arrow to the bottom left of the track.
  6. Select All CC - CC 1 (Modulation) from the parameter list on the automation track and make sure that Replace 2 - Last Value Continues is selected in the Merge MIDI Pulldown Menu
  7. Activate Read on the automation track and add ONE point at measure 2 of the automation curve. Make the value 127.
  8. When Cubase 10 reaches the end of the recorded MIDI region, the Automation will take over and snap the CC1 (Modulation) value being sent to the Kontakt instrument back up to 127 even though the LAST value should still be at 0 because of the MIDI Region.

Previous to 9.5 Cubase would honor the Last Value of CC1=0 even past the recorded MIDI region. In 9.5 once you pass the recorded MIDI region it started reverting back to whatever the automation lane was set at regardless of whether the automation lane data was truly the Last Value or not.

I can workaround by gluing all my midi regions together, but it’s really annoying to be overdubbing a spiccato harmony on top of an existing spiccato string line and when I hit the end of the existing MIDI region, the automation takes over and changes my patch back to “longs”. This is one of several annoyances caused by this persisting bug.

Any word on this???

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Cubase Pro 9.5 (9.5.50), 10 (10.0.40)
“Replace 2 - Last Value Continues” mode seems not working at all. It has same behavior as “Replace 1 - Part Range” mode.

MIDI Controller Automation Merge Modes

This makes sense. I’ve never understood what Part Range mode meant, but the wording seems to be exactly the same as the behavior—The MIDI automation functions only in the part range and then reverts back to the Automation Lane.

Yes, Replace 2 seems to be broken and doing the same thing as Replace 1

I’m not sure this is the same as the one I reported in Feb of 2018. Here’s that repro:


  1. Create MIDI or Instrument Track, load an instrument.
  2. Add CC1 data by any method to the controller lane.
  3. Fold out an automation track from the MIDI track
  4. Select All CC - CC 1 (Modulation) from the parameter list on the automation track.
  5. add a single (or more) point(s) to the automation lane.

Yeah, seems like this is the same issue.
Basically Automation Lanes take over once a midi region ends. This happens regardless of whether the Automation lane has a data point after the MIDI region or not.

Super Annoying. Didn’t used to behave this way and basically means “Last Value Continues” is lying :slight_smile:

10.5.20 Still didn’t fix the broken “Last Value Continues”
hoping for it in a maintenance update.

bumping this. Hoping that someone from Steinberg can at least confirm that they are aware this is broken?

As CP11 nears, I’m making a big plea to fix this bug. Or at least acknowledge that it’s there?

Before 9.5.10, “last value continues” would maintain the last value on the track whether it be in a MIDI region or on the automation lane. This was extremely helpful for tracks where CC data controls articulations, mic levels, filters, etc. for a VI.

“last value continues” behaving the same way as “part range” forces me to glue all my MIDI regions together from beginning to end to avoid problems when a midi region ends and CCs snap back to the automation lane values from the beginning of my project.

I have hundreds of tracks in my template that have multiple CC points to “reset” my external instruments. It is a real pain in many respects to have the automation lane data from the very beginning of the project immediately take over at the end of a MIDI region.

Please, please, please fix this???

It’s disappointing that you haven’t had a response to this issue. I see it too.
In fact it seems to be worse in Cubase 11.
I use the Halion 6 string sounds in Symphonic Orchestra. They use CC1 for articulation.
Now with v11 they not only lose the value at the end of a part, you only have to press Stop while listening back and the mod value has been lost when you press play again. Not until the track encounters another CC “dot” value does it pick up. The Automation Merge mode setting seems to have no effect.
I don’t recall this issue in earlier versions, although it may have existed in v10: I wasn’t doing orchestral stuff at that time.
UPDATE: I’ve created a new project to test this and didn’t find the same problem. The MIDI tracks that showed the problem were imported from another project. If I find out why they behave differently I’ll post back.

Here’s a video showing the issue. Sorry it took a while.
As you can see, “Last Value Continues” is not functioning the way it should.
Problem has been since 9.5. Still not fixed in 11.


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11.0.20 and 11.0.30 have gone by now.

“Last Value Continues” is still broken.

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“Last Value Continues” is still broken

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Cubase 12 and “Last Value Continues” is STILL broken. Over 5 years now!!!
It behaves the same as “Part Range”

Is it possible to at least get confirmation on this from Steinberg?


try this Bro

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I appreciate the suggestion Ehabmxd, but the video shows the exact opposite of the intended functionality.

“Last Value Continues” used to (and should still) keep any CC at the “last” point of data regardless of whether that data was in a MIDI region or Automation data. Since 9.5, once a MIDI region ends, the track jumps to the last point of data in the Automation lane even if that data was at the beginning of the song.

Essentially since 9.5, the automation lane mode “2-Last Value Continues” functions exactly like “1-Part Range” – it shouldn’t.

Those Nuendo users are ‘happier’ than us Cubase users because Nuendo works just like the video above without making any dots at the end.

I’d like this addressed too.