Latency lag...

After tooling around with AI5 and having multiple issues (still am) I finally was able to only record a single track.
Although, there was almost a second of time between what I was playing and what I was hearing.
I can’t seem to resolve this issue. I’m almost ready to throw in the towel!!! My ignorance is causing a huge lack of workflow. I’m having to go back to my standalone digital recorder to finish a project for a local band that I had promised by this weekend…
So far I’ve only seen obstacles as to making this transition to Cubase.
I really wish it didn’t seem so daunting trying to make this work as it looks like it could be a productive tool and fun!!!
Again, probably just my ignorance…???

Mike: What is your “interface–soundcard” :question:
And are you on a PC–Mac ----or a Laptop :question:
Operating system-- Windows xp–7--8 :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:


I’m running XP and using my Motif XF as my soundcard.

By the Bay"Although, there was almost a second of time between what I was playing and what I was hearing.

Mike: Wow – I’ve never seen a keyboard used as a soundcard. maybe I’m learning something

So what Driver are you using :question:

In Cubase – click --Devices>Device setup> click “VST audio system” — lower left

Then top right–Asio Driver—click the Down arrow

What Driver is checked :question:

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Yup, the Motif XF and Cubase are SUPPOSED to be an all in one soloution.
Driver is showing yamaha ASIO driver. It’s all Greek to me…
I’m trying hard to dig deep and read all the pertanat information regarding both.
I am having an extremely difficult time I’m getting these to communicate together!!!
I haven’t even thrown the CMC-PD in the mix yet. I’m becoming again agitated at the very least and getting ready to throw in the towel. Not as easy as claimed. I may call Sweetwater and see if they can walk me through some of this stuff as its supposed to be part of their support??? If not, I’m not sure what to do??? I didnt think the transition to Cubase was going to be so involved, but the more I’m researching the more I’m findin I’m not the only one. Plus the fact I know nothing of MIDI. I’m a complete newb to all this. I do want this to work, but am lost as where to start.


I was ready to go buy the MR 816x the CC121 and upgrade the computer to a better PC and cubase 7 if it was all it said it was, but so far its been very discouraging to this point. I just don’t think it’s a great idea at the moment when I can’t even get the basics to cooperate and to feel comfortable in using this system. I hear great things about it, besides the learning curve, but I don’t even know where to start in learning the basics??? Searching for answers, but I think the questions are just as important…
I need help!!!


Mike: Yea the MR 816x would be a good interface.
I use a Tascam US-1641 which is connected
to my Computer by a single USB 2.0 cable. My Monitor Speakers are
connected to my Tascam us-1641 as is my Roland D-50
keyboard by Midi and also a single audio cable.
Guitars and vocals through line and Mic inputs
on the Tascam.

The Setup you described with the Motiff XF is way over my head.
Yea Maybe contact the guys with Sweetwater
or at mysteinberg support.

Also I did find this Youtube video if You can fallow it. I couldn’t.
There’s 3 parts to this video

Jack :smiley: :slight_smile:

By the Bay, does the Yamaha ASIO driver have a “control panel” where you can adjust the buffer size/latency?

It sounds to me like a simple case of an excessive buffer setting causing the delay.

In Cubase’s Device Setup, what is showing as your input/output latency?

Don’t let yourself get too frustrated, I’m sure this is a simple fix.

Input latency shows 325.079 ms
Output latency shows 59.943 ms

Oh, my :open_mouth:

That’s definitely unusable. Did you take a look at any possible Yamaha ASIO settings page where you might be able to lower the latency?

I had replied with an earlier post that just disappeared???
My mistake was that ASIO driver shows: ASIO DirectX full duplex driver, not the yamaha…
I can’t remember where I saw the yamaha driver???
And I have no idea as too see the latency???

Motif is connected to my computer with one USB 2.0 cable. Audio from the motif is connected to my Mackie mixer. And then I have my computer soundcard out connected to my Mackie mixer as well. Then both are then connected to my monitors. Again, I have no idea and cannot see anyway to change buffer/latency?

Make sure you have the Motif connected and powered on before launching Cubase. Does the Yamaha driver show up under available ASIO drivers in Cubase’s device setup?

When using your Motif as interface/soundcard your actual audio output from Cubase needs to come from the Motif. Meaning either headphones or powered monitors, etc. must be connected to the Motif - your onboard computer sound gets deactivated when using the Yamaha ASIO.

Yeah, it’s funny. I could of sworn that the yamaha was listed in the ASIO driver section but it isn’t there anylonger???
I find it in control panel under sound speech, and audio devices…
The yamaha driver is for USB MIDI. I don’t believe it carries audio from my understanding.
I would need the yamaha firewire card to carry both audio and midi.
So, I’m back to the ASIO Direct X full duplex driver. The only other driver listed in the drop down box is for my
Pod HD500.

You tried this and still no luck?

As for your general setup, I would suggest a basic external soundcard/interface with MIDI in/out. You could then run standard MIDI cables and your audio outputs from the Motif to the interface. Also, you would be able to run your audio outs from your mixer to the interface giving you the most options. Something like this would do the trick …

Of course, if you want more inputs that will cost you.

Yup, pretty much tried everything. I’m believing that its just my lack of ANY MIDI skills…this is all completely new to me.
The Motif is geared to work seamlessly with Cubase as both Steinberg and Yamaha have made very clear. Unfortunately It’s just that I lack the essential skills to make it all happen, and it seems as though those in the know just don’t have the time to explain and walk me through it. Understandable, but I wish someone in the know could at least point me in the right direction as to how/where I can acquire such knowledge???
I am determined at some point to make this work, and I’m sure at some point it will, but for the moment I have to step back from it, as my frustration level has reached its pinnacle!!!


That might be your problem. When you start trying random things you can get yourself into trouble quickly.

You can’t go into this type of thing blindly and expect instant results.

Do you think everyone with the knowledge to help you learned everything in a day? A week? Years is more likely.

You are obviously not in the proper state of mind to receive help in the way of a users helping users forum.

Have you tried official support through Yamaha?

[quote “You are obviously not in the proper state of mind to receive help in the way of a users helping users forum” quote]

Scab, I appreciate your help.
Pardon me, if I missed something in your translation,
Almost sounds offensive.
Anyhow, this is about questions and answers, and is the right venue. Moderators???

Anyhow, interested parties please note that Yamaha support did provide a kind and valuable rresponse/resource to me most promptly, and to those that are Yamaha/Steinberg users and desire help with the intergration of their
products. According to Yamaha, as of Last Friday, they announced a Cubase AI tutorial DVD regarding basic functions of their AI series and with the use of Yamaha products. I thought that it may be valuable for anyone who has Yamaha/Steinberg products and may want to understand the basic functions and usage of them. I believe it was $7 dollars and free shipping.
I’m not sure, but I’m hoping this may resolve the basic issues that I, and others that have PM’d me regarding some of their frustrations in the use of these combined products.

Thanks Yamaha and Steinberg for your prompt replies and attention to your customer needs!!!

Kindest regards

The questions or the answers??? Hmm…important!!!

Mike: Get in touch with “SWEETWATER” at 1-800-222-4700 and ask for “tech” Joe.
He knows your keyboard Setup with the Motif xf and Cubase Ai5 and how to fix it.
Also the DVD from YAMAHA on setup is a good Idea.

Good Luck :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

ps: IMO I agree with others – It would be best to use an
external interface vs. your keyboard interface
although it will work according to Joe. :wink:

Thank you very much for your reply! I most definetly will get in touch with joe this week. Sweetwater does have great customer service and I should have done that from the very start!
Also, I just came across a tascam FW-1082 and an AKAI MPC-1000 as well today. I had gotten an incredible deal on these, and hoping to incorporate In this set up, and the set up I have that’s in the works as well. If for some odd reason they don’t work as planned, they"re gonna make beautiful doorstops! LOL

You know, I stood back today and took a breather from it all and I realize that all the problems I’m having are entirely fixable. So, with that in mind I have a fresh outlook in regards to it all. I’m going to end up purchasing the MR-18CSX, Cubase 7, new computer, etc. and dive in!!! It won’t be for a month or so, but I see the true benefits of this set up and promised myself that I WILLl become proficient in my ability to work in this medium. I’ve got some time on my hands as I’m going to be recovering from a few surgeries ( nothing major ) in the near future here, so I’m going to dig deep and use this time to learn all I can about my new toys. My new philosophy is, it WILL work!!

Sincere thanks, to everyone here for their help and hard work in helping me, not only try and resolve my “issues”, but helping me see that as far as recordimg goes, this is the only way to do it!!!

Thanks everyone, and I’ll keep you posted

Kindest regards