layering samples- how to paste or replace multiple events

I’m struggling with pasting audio to match up to existing events, is there a batch command for this?

I know I can do all this in midi with a vsti or the sampler , but I want to learn to do it this way as well.

For example this is what I’ve done so far :

  1. Made a duplicate of my snare track
  2. Cut the audio up into events (hits) with hitpoint detection
  3. manually paste at every event using B & N keys to move between events.

Is there any way to do this faster?? something other than events? … a batch paste command?

I’m not working with a fixed tempo, so grid wont work.

Help is much appreciated!


Just wanted to add,
I’m trying now to paste using magnetic cursor, it always wants to place the audio before the cursor not after where it would line up with the hitpoint.


You can try this:

You can also hold shift while dragging a new sample over the duplicated track events and it will
replace every event in that track.

Evertone I took your approach. It works great! Thanks
I can even hold the macro keys down and it keeps moving along automatically pasting at the next marker.

Steps are;

  1. Create a Macro:
    Transport - Locate Next Marker
    Edit - Paste

  2. Select your recorded audio event(Snare,Kick etc…) and detect/edit Hitpoints

  3. Create Markers from Hitpoints

  4. Insert the sample you wish to use and Edit- Copy it

  5. Use the Macro.

Awesome! Glad it worked out for you. Thanks for the elaborate step-by-step for others to easily follow.