Left and right locators. Length in timecode

About 9 years ago, in a Nuendo feature-request, @Jim_Fox said:

While I don’t know if Nuendo got this feature in the meantime, I wonder if anyone knows about such a feature in Cubase.

Edit: I found the answer here (range tool + select in loop):


Thanks alin89c for bringing this up.

If your project is in Bars+Beats this will not tell you the length in minutes. Am I wrong? The client wants to know how long in minutes not bars. I have to switch the project timeline to Seconds to get this the length, then switch back to B+B to continue work. Four or five step to answer a simple question. Am I missing something, I hope?

More precise, how can you tell the length “in time”, between locators, when your project is set to B+B or anything else without having to changing the project timeline back and forth?

Nuendo/Cubase is great,

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Why are you looking at 6-year old posts for this?
Locator Range Duration was added in Cubase Pro 11. See Setting up Locator Ranges
It works the same as all the other transport fields, by following the the playhead location format.

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