Left and Right Scroll

I’m new to Cubase, not new to music composing or production. So when I recently started using Cubase you can understand my complete frustration when I tried to scroll left and right with the mouse wheel.

First of all why would you make this the exact opposite of pretty much every piece of software I have ever used. From video editors, to word processing , spreadsheets, to other DAWs, why?

Second, you can customize so many aspects of the software, but this functionality which happens to be so different from the norm you can’t change.

I have honestly felt like abandoning Cubase until this feature is fixed. It’s that frustrating. I mean this is F-ing Cubase 10 and this is an issue. I know I can’t be the first person to post about this so does that mean that Steinberg isn’t listening to their users? That would be really good to know now rather than later.

Agree that being able to have the scroll direction user definable would be great.

In the meantime shift+scroll will scroll horizontally. In the last few years I’ve started to really use the Overview to move around the Timeline and set Horizontal Zoom so you might want to check that out.

Also I don’t know what spreadsheet you use but for Excel, Word etc. the scroll wheel on my copies works the same as in Cubase - scrolling up and down not right and left. So not all that wacky.

I totally agree. I know I can hover my mouse on the scroll bar at the bottom (which subsequently brings up my taskbar or app dock). or place my mouse on the channel transport. Every other DAW allows for left and right scrolling with ease, why limit it to half an inch of the whole screen? Makes so sense.

If anyone is shopping for a new DAW, this feature will be a headache considering EVERY OTHER DAW allows for it. Allow isn’t even the right word, its assumed we would want the page to function like every other page we see on a computer (slight exaggeration to be fair).

Honestly, even if it were a menu option you could check to use or leave unaffected, it would be useful for people coming into the DAW for the first time and potentially shift from other DAWs and being a Steinberg fan.

Love Cubase, but its a vibe killer.

Please. This one is easy to implement. Users should be able to define their preferred behavior. It is currently impossible to work with Cubase and Adobe Premier on the same day without an epileptic seizure.

It goes against common sense that every app defines its own way. We should be able to manually remedy that at the very least.

It looks like Apple forced Steinberg to implement it for mac (Scroll Wheel direction behaviour / Cubase 11.0.10). What about Windows users?

This of course too, but if they are not even able to fix the previous one, it is absurd to get into more elaborate considerations.

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I hear ya. How about this, Melodyne as an extension in Cubase scrolls opposite of Cubase. So while working with Melodyne inside of Cubase you scroll one direction with the Cubase sequencer and the other direction with Melodyne. It’s really awful.