Library Creator- create a Program for HSSE (not a layer)

I’ve tried to create a library for HSSE, followed the tutorial in the manual which says I need to save the program as HSSE layer first.
It worked and I managed to create a library with a macro page and tested it in Halion Sonic. But it is saved as a layer.

How to create a program for HSSE?

As soon as I choose the option library for HSSE in the Library Creator it only accepts layers (program saved as HSSE layer).

for followup

I’m stuck too at the library creator.
For some reason i can’t input from the mediabay by drag and drop but i can from windows explorer.

I’m also stuck on the proces of creating the library.
It creates a lib file but it is empty. (4kb)
I want to create the library just for testing so tagging and authorisation was not done.
Does this mean that as long as there are issues on the debug list it won’t save the content ?

Yup… Needs to be “flawless” before it creates the library…

Misohoza- cant you drag the layer into the program slot and then save as a program?

Tbh- i had “jerry rig” the test library i made too… Simply following the manual didnt work for me…

guess it’s back to the manual… :slight_smile:

making an industry standard vsti isn’t something that can’t be done in a weekend it seems :mrgreen:

kind regards,

Misohoza- cant you drag the layer into the program slot and then save as a program?

Yes, I can.

But if you plan to distribute the library then there is some extra work to be done by the end user. Load each layer and save it as a program.

But maybe I’m missing something.

Ok, I think I got it in the end.

Export a program as HSSE layer preset, load the layer in Halion Sonic and save it as a program (Halion Sonic program preset) and create a library for HSSE using that Halion Sonic program preset.

thats what i did to make that lib …

I wanted to make a screencast video for you today, but i ran into issues (always red triangle in lib creator screen saying my attributes missing)… dunno why… hence the “attributes” thread that i newly made because i was getting confused…

the potential is massive for this, but like the cute vid on youtube where they got one of the employees to demonstrate the brass samples, now let 's do the suggestion to make a dull vid on making that library. :smiley:
If i can make a suggestion, let one the girls in stock at SB do this vid so we keep on watching :smiley:

edit: ok, that was not on topic, but tx for the info all of you! The fog is clearing step by step. But i started from scratch with a very minimalistic approach, and those referencing things are not fully clear yet. I will go through the debug list this evening as a starter and see what it does.

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I made my first library today, followed all the instructions and hey presto it all worked great, and it even registered in the library manager, BUT THEN, it all went down hill, i cant see the presets i created in HS or HSE even though i choose them to do so from the library creator.
And does anyone know why the picture icons don’t show up in the media bay. (like skylab,Anima,etc does)
Still much to learn, and the sooner a tutorial gets uploaded the better.

One of us needs to create a series of videos on how to go from nothing to a relatively simple library that has working macro’s and some basic scripting that can be distributed. The question is who is first, lol. :ugeek:

Is there any progress on this topic? I managed to load a program from Halion 6 into HSSE, after exporting it as “Layer for Sonic SE”. I found out that the GUI (also made for Halion Sonic SE) does show up, but it only works when the whole program doesn’t use layers. Otherwise the GUI will be visible but not usable.

Furthermore I can’t figure a way to include several multi-samples in one program without using layers.

Hi Marco.

Not sure if I understand what you mean by “it works when the whole program doesn’t use layers”.
Layers shouldn’t be a problem.
When you export your program as HSSE layer, is the macro page attached to the program you are exporting?

You can create a macro page for program, layer or a script module. In order to work in Halion Sonic SE it needs to be attached to the element you are exporting.

Meanwhile I got an answer from Matthias, who told me that the Waldorf filter I chose had a bug. The HSSE macro page only worked with the filter when I did not use layers.

I am stuck with the library creator too! i would love to see a video detaling the whole process. What does " Library Failed: No Stream mean? I followed the instructions to the T in the manual, except I chose a Halion Only format insted of Halion Sonic.

Steinberg is currently working on sound design guidelines and I think video tutorials as well

Nothing that I’ve created loads into HALionsonic SE.
Also patches with samples do not load into HALionsonic SE2. Only H6.
HALion 6 Export needs a lot of work. should be export HSSE2 preset with files.

MediaBay is starting to make my hair go gray prematurely. I really hate to go to media bay.

Also sucks to have the sample content of your library wide open.
Should have a protection like Groove Agent One.

Steinberg released some guides recently:

Still a ridiculous triple work … I have loaded to HAlion 6 the created HS3 program from the HS SE2 layer and I can see all the elements that were added.
Past that is all bla bla bla… I have tagged and all, I see nowhere where you set library to be a HS SE3 ?? …bla bla… This should have been done on video to follow from the get go. The H6 videos on the youtube channel are very goofy (HALion is not a joke to me). When the heck they gonna take HALion seriously?? WHen Was HAlion 6 release? aren’t we supposed to have these videos on youtube by now DOING the Step by Step proper export???.

All this back and forth is a waste of time. All of this should be done right from HAlion 6.
Step 6: “In the Library Creator, build your VST Sound file(s) as HALion Sonic SE library. The Library Creator converts all HALion Sonic 3 presets to HALion Sonic SE 3 presets and all the necessary source files of the library are written into the VST Sound files.”… Where the heck is that???

H6 exporting system SHOULD create HS3 or HS SE3? format with sample allocation and all if you used samples, and GUI.
When I create something in HALion 6, I already tag and properly added the info for the MediaBay in H6. All that info should be exported with the HS3 - HS SE3 VST3 preset.

HALion 6 sound designing: Step 1) create instrument - Step 2) export format: select format from the list, H6 VST3 program with or without Samples export- HS3 VST3 program - HS SE3 VST3 Program
Step 3? you are done… Load the sucker, test it… need fixing… repeat steps.

Hmm: “You could also do the final sound design in HALion Sonic SE 3” there is no suck thing as HS SE3

I must admit reading this thread that I too think the process is a bit drawn out as well.

I like the part where I say "there is no suck thing as HS SE3 hahaha… yes there is… came out with the H6 and HS3 update but never saw the HS SE3 update because I never use it. Got the HS SE3 solved… but the going back and forth is a waste of time. There are lots of steps that the page with guide lines do not explain properly…

Stainy…! Library creator should be able to convert anything from H6 to other formats without going back and forth.
It should export VST sound banks for MAC VST - AU and PC VST

I Have HALion 6 figured out. Gonna record a video tutorial.

I don’t do script so you will see none of that hehehe!
QUINTO Y CONGA HALion 6 final.jpg