Library Manager - reports missing libraries that are not missing

Hi all,

I moved all of my libraries (not just Steinberg’s) to a new drive, then went into Library manager and relocated every library. Now it’s reporting libraries missing that seem to be there. In the case of Verve (in the below image) I did redownload and reinstall the VSTi.

Thanks for any advice.


Well the error is consistent with the Library Manager thinking the library content is at a specific location but not actually finding that content in the specified location.

I’d suggest closing the Library Manager and in the OS navigate to wherever the content is stored on your computer. Then double+click on any .vstsound file. This will open the Steinberg Library Manager and register that content plus any other content it finds in that location or any sub-folder of that location.


Thank you. I did exactly as you suggested, and got most of my presets back. I also noticed that in my image above, the paths are different :confused:

I went through every add-on and double-clicked on each one (So. Many. Clicks.), but a couple of Steinberg VSTi’s are still missing the presets.

Getting closer.


I think the easiest way is to find all the sound files out in the OS (i.e. search for “*.vstsound”) , move all of them into one common location and double+click on one of them to register the locations of the entire bunch.

Yup. Exactly what I did. I upgraded to an NVME for my libraries which did make a huge loading speed difference, but some vendors handle a content move better than others…

Thanks again!


I was curious about that.