License for Cubase, Groove Agent

My current Cubase Le8 license , if I hover the mouse over the license identification number, shows “Full License”. Does that mean the license includes Groove Agent Se 4?

AFAIK, Groove Agent SE is available for all versions of Cubase range, this, starting from the Cubase 7.5 generation. So, there shouldn’t be any licence issue with it when attempting to use it.

This said, I don’t think that the “full licence” display is related to GA SE, no matter the version, as it’s a plug-in that can be freely downloaded and installed.

I haven’t been able to get Groove Agent One to appear in the Plug-in Manager pulldown. Sence Groove Agent One is a plug-in I should be able to see it in the plug-in Manager I would think.

I found a “'set up installer” for Groove Agent One Contents & Vintage beats. I ran the installer for each of them however, I had to move the .vstsound files to the “C drive/ users/ Tom/ desktop” folder to get the installer to run and complete. This didn’t make any difference however, Groove Agent One still didn’t show up in the Plug-Manager.

I discovered that Groove Agent SE 4 is 64 Bit software. My Windows computer is 32 Bit so I removed it.

I used the Groove Agent One 'ZIP" that you sent to me to make the installation. Now I’m back to square one. What’s the next step to try to get Groove Agent one functioning?

Don’t you think it’s time to upgrade your whole setup to a stable Windows 64 bits one ?

I don’t even imagine how you could get something useful from a 32 bits setup with Cubase, these days. And I’m the first one to ask for preserving what could still be, mainly VST 2.4 compatibility.

But let’s face it : Groove Agent One no longer exists and has been replaced a long while ago already by Groove Agent SE, this, without talking about any 32 bits compatibility issue. It’s time to have a serious thinking about your antiquated setup… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

While I agree with these sentiments, not everyone is able to upgrade their systems, maybe for financial reasons, or maybe there’s other software in use that requires 32 bits.
If you are using very old gear, you gotta make proper backups of everything. Because you won’t find it online anymore.

I agree with you, but my second post wasn’t meant to be condescending : apologies to the OP, if he felt it like that (probably rightly so) and the ‘antiquated’ comment wasn’t the wisest possible… :blush:

Thi said, until four years ago, I was working with an i7-870 based system, purchased at the release of the processor (2009, I think). It was running under Windows 7 in its 64 bits flavor, already.

What I actually meant was that all the compatibility issues the OP is experiencing have the 32 bits OS architecture as their main source, and GA SE comes with a free GA One library installable. Beside this, a given 32 bits software can run under a 64 bits OS. Windows has also a compatibility panel in the properties settings for softwares meant to work with old OS versions (XP or 7, mainly).

Apologies again. Could you tell us exactly which Windows version you are using and what are the main components of your setup ?

No harm done, I hope…

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This - at the very least, upgrade to 64 bits, if possible.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I have take’in them all under consideration.

I’m constrained by MONEY. I can’t afford expensive hardware or software. I’ve been using LE 4 for a long time. Now I want to expand my software capabilities as far as I can. I record personally at home on a Windows Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, I know a little awkward but I have been able to make it work. I think I’m making good recording. It’s a little slow but I’m retired so it makes for a good brain exercise.

Right now I’m concerned about getting a license for Groove Agent 4.

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks Tom

As @Googly_Smythe and I have suggested, try to update your system to a 64 bits OS architecture. All your issues come from here, I think. And, quoting myself :

This would allow to help you, at the level you are expecting.

I’m using Windows 10,32Bit. I have Le 8.


OK, but your system components are still missing…

Beside this, I think that the best way to solve all this is :

  1. to upgrade your OS to a 64 bits architecture. I’m not aware about the process details, but I know that this is feasable : check Microsoft site for this.
  2. to download and install all what is related to GA SE, even the 5 version : it should also work with Cubase LE 8, unless I’m missing something.

Added to this, I would also contact Steinberg for an eventual update to a more recent 64 bits Cubase LE version.

Where can I get a GA 4 license?

I wrote all that stuff below before it occurred to me: How much storage is there available? Groove Agent requires around 6 gigabytes of space. Do you have that much free space?
You can only get a GA 5 licence, now, and it’s only 64bit.

Install Windows 10 64bit here (it should be free):
Download Windows 10 (

Find the £40 and upgrade Cubase LE8 to Elements 13 - it comes with GrooveAgent 5 SE.
If you go down the 64 bit road, you’ll be able to take adavantage of all the freebie plugins out there. And there are many, a lot them top quality, too.

Me, too, 69 years young, and living off my pension. But it’s just the price of 2 large pizzas. Go for it!
If you do go for it, backup important files to a USB stick, if you have one. Make sure you can find installers for all your programs, whatever they are. The Device Manager will tell you what your hardware consists of.