License Server Down - Last call for an official statement

Dear Steinberg (if anyone is reading here),

it is time for more than an apology and official statement about the activation and license server issues.
You are pulling your cutomers’ legs and remain mute during a major release of your cash-cow!

Expecting a response.

Steinberg please give guidance for users like me whose Cubase 10.5 license went “transfer pending” then disappeared during the upgrade activation?

Everyone remain calm, you’re going to survive.

Jeez, can’t believe some people’s response. I’d hate to be behind you at a red light.

Yeah, be aware, I might go into reverse…

Well - Those that have their license completely removed from the eLicenser can be excused for getting into panic mode in my humble opinion.

Well - Those that have their license completely removed from the eLicenser can be excused for getting into panic mode in my humble opinion.

Exactly. it’s not just impatience.

My 10.5 license has disappeared. Cubase says it won’t launch tomorrow. I have work to do. It’s like ransomware … and I already paid!

If I have to pursue a long support process to recover my base license, I need guidance on how to proceed, and - given the widespread issue - assurance that down-time will be minimal.

Don’t update when you have work to do.

Lesson learned.

Thanks man!

Unbelievable to be upset about it.

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Here is the official statement.

How about. Don’t tell everyone about your new software, and take their money, when you can’t fulfil on the license provision.

how about that?

Even if they just staggered the mailout about the new product that would take a lot of load off.

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ah common… you really updated on hour one after release? What do you expect?

I expect a company to be able to activate licenses. I run a software company, we never have this problem with our activation servers. We don’t take money if we can’t provide the goods - it’s basic morality / not stealing. And I just acted on the email I got, how am I to know it was only released 1hr ago? If they gradually rolled out the emails, they could probably make their licensing server go a lot further. Steinberg is clearly failing their responsibility here.

responsibility for what?
Does it work now? So what is your real problem?

and the point that you run a software company without problems in the past and in the future makes me think you are one “POTUS”

It’s now 11 hours for me after pruchase and still no way to get this running. What’s that?
I mean, everyone protecting Steinberg, your view on it. But professional services are not like that. Period.

Well I’m glad you don’t work for me, if you think it’s ok for a company to advertise a product, take your money then screw you on providing what you paid for, and worse wasting a heap of your time. If you think that’s ok, then good luck. I happen to think it’s not ok. They could maybe improve their licensing system before taking everyone’s money and wasting their time.

Plenty of people have lost all their licenses due to this.

the product is available since 12 hours…
I bet your software works from version one just perfect

Plenty of people have lost all their licenses due to this.

and I’m absolutely sure Steinberg will find solutions for these problems


I’m quite sure the licenses are not lost. Here on the forum, we can see some users went thru already. And they got the licenses. It was just not synced correctly due to the servers overload.

sure but how is this ok? These people can lose a day or more of work.

A responsible company would have tried to do something about this problem. It’s not like it’s a surprise, it happens every time. It’s almost criminal that they haven’t fixed it already.

Thank God at least there’s people understanding that this is just a bad way to do things. I frankly don’t understand anymore people who keep their software on version 1 when version 10 is out, maybe even on a Windows 98 machine, just to be sure that everything stays the same…it’s just for these stupid way of thinking that some companies, like Steinberg, are just not prepared to release something and yet they keep doing it, because eventually people would install the new version after months, but that’s the opposite of a “stay-updated” behavior, and its’ very old-fashioned, and quite pathetic. Just like many other guys said in this conversation, I expect that if you want my money NOW, you’re going to give me a functional software NOW, not tomorrow. That’s insane and very disrespectful: I’ve lost my license, still have work to do, and I don’t get paid on the hope that I’ll delivery something useful someday: I’m getting paid once I do my job.

And btw, I work almost all the year, so when should I update my stuff? During a Christmas dinner? maybe some people update their things having a laptop on the dinner table during a holiday; I’d like to think that every operation I do on my machine and software, including updating stuff, IS WORK, so please if you want to make fun of people, just because they legitimately wanted to update something today, and you want to speak from your presumptuous and “old-as-shit” position, just do us a favor and don’t write stupid comments, at least today.

And for companies like Steinberg: don’t go complaining if people use cracked software then; it works better and it’s more reliable!