license update issue....


I have D/L’ed 9.5 and the trail license and it also updated my 7LE to Elements and upon starting 7 it now gave me a choice on which to open but later in the day I accidentally clicked on “start 7LE” and on doing that the dialogue box said how to re-activate 7 Elements but I didn’t catch what it said before it disappeared. Now it no longer gives me that choice and only starts 7LE as before the upgrade and I can’t figure out what do get it to allow me to load 7 Elements.

I am so sorry to be asking such rudimentary questions here.
Thanks for the help.

I think this should work.

Grim, appreciate the reply but no, that did not work. The “start license period” button was grayed out. I also tried the “recover” button but it said no issue found.

I also have a question about the plug in’s, the ones that 9.5 has blacklisted, the 32bits ones, are now non-functional in my 7LE as well. it says “missing”. Is there a way to get the back?

Thanks, Dominick

Are you absolutely certain that Cubase LE is running and not Cubase Elements? Can you clarify why you think this is the case?

But whichever version it is you should still be able to see all plugs. Check your plugin paths are correct.

Assuming it is just LE rather than Elements running the only extra thing I can add that might be of some use is from when I upgraded from Artist 6 to Pro 8. I seem to recall that there was an option to open 6 as either Artist or Pro the first time I went back to it. If I had chosen Artist I seem to recall that the option to change to Pro was somewhere within Cubase’s menu system (or maybe Preferences).
I’d suggest going through every item in both the menus and Preferences and really looking hard at them as it may not be obvious with just a cursory glance.

Ahh…had forgotten this.
I think the option is in preferences/general and is something like start trial version on next start.

Yes, something like that I’m sure.

Yes, “preferences/general and is something like start trial version on next start” that was it. Thanks very much for everyones help. I also found my plug in problem. I know that these programs try to give us as many options as possible but sometimes they are too complicated for their and ours own good. You can’t use it if you don’t even know how to turn it on! But of course that is my lack of experience with the program to begin with and not the programs fault. I’m old school and still wish they gave a hard copy manual for reference so I’m very thankful for this forum and for folks like you all who are willing to help. After all, I’m just a dumb musician and not a rocket scientist. This is where I would insert a smiley face but I can’t seem to find them either! :slight_smile:

Thank you all again.

Glad you got it sorted in the end! :slight_smile: