LIcensing issues keep popping up. Can we get this figured out?

Cubase 12 pro
Windows 10 pro
Dongle for some licenses

I love tinkering in Cubase, but I don’t do it every day. Not my day job. So when I bring it back up after a month, more often than not I get this message for one or more licenses. This time it’s for “Guitar Harmonics”. Before it was for several other items I’d downloaded for free and thought I’d entered the license. Later I realized there was some hoop I didn’t jump through. Apparently I still haven’t learned to jump through that particular hoop.


From my search on this topic, I can see that I’m not the first, nor am I likely the last to touch on this topic.

Clearly, I need guidance on how to install resource licenses. Because the way it works now, I’m obviously doing it wrong. Often. Shouldn’t this be simpler? Is there a reason why it can’t be?

Musicians (or wannabe musicians like me) should want to fuss about music — not licenses. I don’t want to have to have a degree in licensing to play music. The user interface should be simple. It’s not. To my perspective, the user interface for licensing is broken.

Is there a user interface stakeholders’ group that I can join that will take feedback on making this better? How can I help? How does this get better?


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The very first question is, if you have the licence or not.

If not (what I would expect in this case), use Steinberg Library Manager to uninstall the content.

Btw I would recommend you to download and install the latest Cubasr update. It’s 12.0.60 at this moment.

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Yes, that is the question isn’t it? I mistakenly forgot that I’d started a similar thread a couple months ago. I’m thoroughly frustrated with the licensing thing. I’ve downloaded a number of items that were supposed to be free, activated the licenses and then found out later that I didn’t do something correctly. So I uninstalled the unactivated items. Except now it says I actually have “Lofi Piano” in “My Products”. I had to uninstall it last month because Cubase said it wasn’t activated. Is it activated or not? I have no idea. I spend half an hour just figuring out license errors before I can play with cubase. Every time. If the bar for casual users of a professional program is that we have to jump through e-licenser, download assistant, library manager and activation manager update and licensing hoops every single time we get a chance to practice the software, it becomes not just a hurdle but an impediment to my learning Cubase.

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i to have a problem with my license as well
i install every thing but when i go to open cubase 12 pro manager keep saying no license found
i went on voucher in my steinberg account for some link to transfer from elicencer to steinberg license but i see no such thing
this is a bombmer.

What license do you own, as displayed in your Steinberg Account?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you owner of Cubase 12 Pro license, please?

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Yes am the owner

I only have the elicener from my older daw
Which is cubase Ai 8 Which I got when I bought my ur 12 interface
And I want to buy a Next interface from you guys Which has a mic and headphones but I need this fix first.

Can you please post a screenshot of your license in your Steinberg Account as Steve showed a few posts above?

Plus now I upgrade my cubase 8 opens and then shut down everytime I try to insert a plugin on any given track .


This is not Cubase Pro. If you updated this license, you don’t own Cubase 12 Pro license. A screenshot with the license would bring some light.


OK, as you can see, this is not Cubase Pro 12 license.

Download and install Cubase Elements 12, please. Then you can start it.

Or, buy the upgrade to Cubase Pro.

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that is what I meant but the same issue .

no license found

Have you installed and run Steinberg Activation Manager?

Yes it say my product is activated

Great! Looks like it’s activated as it should.
Now, what happens when you try to run Cubase Elements 12?