Limitations of Audiobus 3

Audiobus 3 allows you to…

• … record and input audio and MIDI from other apps.
• … output audio and MIDI from Cubasis into other apps.
• … assign additional effect processor apps to Cubasis and other apps.

There are chances of unreliable behavior, which, if occurring, is not caused by Cubasis but due to potential complex app connections that can be established via Audiobus 3, which may also include other third party technologies such as Inter-App Audio and Audio Unit.

In this regard, issues are most likely to occur in scenarios that include multiple connections of both audio and MIDI input and output apps routed via Audiobus 3.

If you experience problems using Audiobus 3 please contact Audiobus online at

To avoid unwanted connection issues or background sounds triggering, please make sure to frequently close all third party instrument and effect apps that are invisible in the iOS task panel.

To do so, open each Cubasis instrument track and check for relevant device appearances in the MIDI routing output sections. Once identified, please launch those apps and close them afterwards to disconnect them from Cubasis.

In short, whenever an issue with Audiobus 3 occurs we suggest taking the following 3 steps in the given order:

  1. Close all running applications.
  2. Restart your iPad.
  3. Launch Audiobus 3 and connect your wanted apps.

Also, to avoid Audiobus 3 connection issues, we recommend tapping an application icon to make it visible after assigning the app in Audiobus 3 as input, effect or output.

Summary of known issues and limitations when using Audiobus 3 with Cubasis 2.1

• Monitoring of effect apps routed via Audiobus 3 does not work if Cubasis is assigned as audio input and output in Audiobus 3 (CB-3611).
• Connecting specific third party apps via Audiobus 3 can lead to unwanted audio burst, strong noises, feedback or even muted playback (CB-3620, CB-3657).
• In some cases, the Cubasis app icon appears greyed out in Audiobus 3 although a proper connection between both applications is established.
• Loading a Cubasis project alongside a dedicated Audiobus preset can lead to improper reconnection of Audiobus tracks in Cubasis in some cases (CB-3533).
• In rare cases, the Audiobus connection panel does not respond as expected in Cubasis (CB-3582).
• In rare cases, recordings over Audiobus in Cubasis remain silent if the app is routed as audio output.