Line Up MIDI and Variaudio

Is it possible to show MIDI files and Variaudio in the same editor? If not is it possible to have the lower zone editor line up with the project window? It’s nice that you can have a MIDI inline editor but you can’t show Variaudio in the project window so it makes it difficult to line things up and keep things in context with other MIDI notes with audio that is sung. By the same token, I would love to have the Chord Track line up with Variaudio but I am always going back and forth in a song trying to keep these things lined up and it is difficult keeping them together when so much time could be saved if they were able to stay in sync with each other if the was a zoom link button.

I don’t know if it helps, but in the VariaAudio window you can add a “MIDI Reference track” so you see the midi events in the VariAudio editor. You can’t edit them though…

That’s awesome I have no idea how I missed that. Is that something they added in version 10. That is very useful and helpful, thank you for letting me know. Merry Christmas if you celebrate, you just made mine even merrier!