Lining up Lower Zone with Track in "Upper Zone"?

Hi - Is anyone doing this kind of thing, or have any hints by any chance please? I’m having a hard time getting things lined up between VariAudio in the LZ and MIDI notes up above (the MIDI notes are not quantized, and therefore are “off the grid”):

  1. Open VariAudio in Lower Zone.
  2. Expand the height of a MIDI track up in the Project Page/Arrangement Window (“Z” on my system, can’t remember if that’s a default key command or not). Set a loop of just a few bars.
  3. Hit Play.

What I would love to see here is the LZ Editor and the MIDI track be at the same zoom, so the grids line up exactly between the two. In that situation, the cursors would line up and be at the same point in time in each window - the two cursors would move as if 1 cursor across the computer screen.

When I can get that, then I can adjust the start and end of my VariAudio to match the MIDI notes.

Is that even possible? I’m doing all kinds of micro sliding, zooming in/out, and I still can’t get it quite right.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Unfortunately there is no link cursor option for audio editor in lower zone…(only for midi editor) i have a feature request for that.
Need it for aligning audio events with vari audio and free wrap etc… dont know why they didnt implemented that in the new lower zone for audio… probably they have hard time doing so !!

What a nice thing that would be! I have made a formal feature request:

In the meantime until this is implemented in the LZ, see also this nice workaround from Stevein Chicago moderator (for pre-Cubase 9.0.1):

I sure do like the new zones- one sure hopes the devs will include that in the audio editor too!