Linux based OS for Cubase

Hi Developers of Cubase etc. Been a long time user and fan of Cubase since 2005. I have a suggestion that may/ may not have been already suggested / in the works.

What i think will make Steinberg products a power house ( more than it already is ) Is to have Steinberg DAW programs such as Cubase have their own OS as opposed to relying on microsoft or apple tech.

In my experience microsoft have been for years, hampering my Cubase experience , causing crashes and using up valuable processing power now the new win 10 is so pervasive in background usage of cpu and it cant be shut off. This is a dead end for PC users with Cubase and possibly other Steinberg product usage.

Therefore id like to suggest that Steinberg develop their own Linux based Operating System designed to replace microsoft / apple OS. IE you can install Cubase ( for eg ) on a clean PC without an OS and the linux system imbed in Cubase will do the background work to facilitate Steinberg dedicated processes. that an OS would traditionally do.

No more Microsoft , no more un necessary "updates " that in reality degrade the stability of Steinberg products , re arrange the users settings and untimately make Cubase look bad as a choice for studios and neaveu users alike. Ive been having to re arrange background processes in microsoft for years in order to make Cubase stable,

And imo over 70% of crashes that happen , the ones that people think is the fault of Cubase development is actually the fault of microsoft and their one minded view that no matter what you do with their OS their needs will always be first in line regardless.

Its time that this ethos has to go … Linux is the future , its more stable , more secure , more interactive and is open source so it has infinitely more functionality and ability to customise an OS for the specific use of Music Production.

if its not already in the works will Steinberg be yet again the first to lead the charge ? like they have been for decades ? I hope so ! because i really enjoy the Steinberg experience.

regards ,

Mark de Berard & MAXX VADA

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