List of famous musicians using Cubase/Nuendo ?


Any one know if there is a compiled list of Famous, well know, or established Musicians and/or Producers using Cubase/Nuendo ?

i.e. Composers/Producers of all types of musical genres. (Electronic, Pop, Soundtrack, Rock, New Age, …etc.)


Well, there is this list published by Steinberg :

But… I’m sure there are much more established/well known Musicians, Composers, Producers that use Cubase/Nuendo.

thats strange, hardly anybody apart from alan parons and donkey boy , maybe cubase needs a catchphrase to get people on board , like pro tools “industry standard”, of course it`s not the “industry standard”.they just made it up . maybe cubase should get a catchphrase.

Awhile back I read a quote from Paul McCartney where he mentioned in passing that he used Cubase

yes , all Pauls orchestral stuff was sequenced using Cubase back in the early 1995 iirc :wink:

Maybe there are some overlaps but here is some more info from Steinberg:

Let’s not forget Hans Zimmer! :wink:

That’s helpful.

Thanks !

Although it is a partial list, it would be cool if there was a larger list of established/famous Cubendo artists/producers.

I might end up compiling one myself when I get some extra time. Which would require a bit web-searching. I think it might be cool to have such a compiled list.


Nobody will admit publicly to using anything other than the “industry standard”. Everyone uses whatever they need to get the job done. If anyone asks, I tell them I use “Poor Fools”.

maybe that’s because they are all using the cracked version 5 still :laughing: :laughing:

my name is Mex Manny and i am a platinum grammy award winning producer, i made my hits with cubase , now using cubase 7 produced 1.rihanna loveeeeeee song 2.wale bad (remix)feat rihanna T.I -On purpose and a few more

I’ve seen the lists mentioned and those are fine. I think there’s a whole lot of working, non-famous producers, artists and engineers using Cubase in film, television, radio, pod casting, gaming, There’s some good interview and studio tour videos with a number of professionals on Youtube.

I’m certainly hearing commercial music all the time that could easily have been produced or pre-produced in Cubase and then exported to Pro Tools for final mixing, tracking and mastering.

In some cases, it can be useful to do so in order that the “client” can make the claim that it was “done in Pro Tools” … :wink:

Mark Knopfler & Hans Zimmer probably the 2 “biggest” - - check this nice link of Chuck Ainley :wink:

Client wants a “pro tools mix” they can have it, of course, but my guess is that, in a good number of cases, the creative work was done in Cubase. I honestly think that Cubase is something of a “dirty little secret” and is used by lots of “famous” people who won’t cop to using. (TIC :wink: ) But, honestly, based on what I’m hearing on the charts and in film/tv music (shows and commercials), lots of material, much of it excellent, sounds like it was done in Cubase. Maybe that’s just me thinking, “how could I do something like that in Cubase?”

I’m guessing Logic and some of the other leading DAW packages share this issue to some degree.

Me… almost famous.

I wish.

His ex-wife Linda’s vegetarian processed “food” was created using Wavelab and the Delay Lama Plugin


Don’t miss this one - has a more that 3000 tracks template :exclamation:


michael wagner uses nuendo(old video though)

and also

Colin Underwear and the Hernia Truss Band used Cubase VST on a couple of tracks on their acclaimed 2001 album entitled ‘My Vas Deferens Origami’ - the rest of the album was recorded on a microwave oven.