List of Keyboard Shortcuts and other things

Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts or other unknown shortcuts like

typing 3f to but three flats as your key signature or typing c,1 for common time with one quarter-note pick-up.

Nick Farrell

I found several screens’ worth of keyboard equivalents and shortcuts yesterday, though now I’m having trouble locating them again :confused:

It occurs to me that having a page or pages of keyboard shortcuts like this available, in a format that would be “printable” (i.e., is designed to format neatly for standard paper sizes), would be a most welcome element, hopefully not too hard to make available even at this early stage, and would go a long way to make up for the lack of a full manual – it would be like the laminated cards that Finale used to include in its upgrade boxes decades ago, but we’d print it ourselves. I’m enjoying the process of getting to know Dorico, but I don’t quite have all the keypresses memorized at this point (it gets harder with advancing years), and having a memory aid beside the monitor would certainly speed up the process.

I found them under Help menu, although I think there were some minor display errors in the webpage.

Yes, Dorico’s keyboard shortcuts can be viewed by selecting Help > Key Commands. They can also be extensively configured in Preferences > Key Commands.

However, what I think you’re really after Nick is a list of what you can type into the popovers in order to create all the various musical objects quickly. We’re looking into ways that we could make that information more easily available.

Yes, That is what I am looking for. Coming from Sibelius I did everything with shortcuts and specialty keys. I am loving how I basically have to do nothing with the layout in Dorico. Just need to get use to the new layout and shortcuts, but it is worth the time for such a great program.

Is there a way to have the notes play in the score when selecting them with the arrows/mouse or when adding them during note input.


Not currently, but this is on our list of things to do soon.

The pop over feels a little bit like “code completion” from a code editor, little context sensitive predictions that adjust to what you are typing. Something like that would be nice, offering the most common suggestions and refining them as you give more options.

I’d love to see a list of shortcuts in RTF format so that I could (re)sort the functions alphabetically and create a one-page cheat sheet to avoid having to divert to the help screen while I work.

I found this to be pretty handy: http://localhost:61183/dorico/keycommands/

That link doesn’t work for me (“can’t connect to server localhost”).

For the keyboard shortcuts in general, one mildly worrying element (again, on 2 days’ acquaintance, so FWIW) is that despite all the assurances in advance and on the tutorial videos that only the standard keyboard will be needed, no numeric keypad etc., the key diagrams on the help pages, and the list of functions under them, consistently identify numeric keypad as essential. (I say “mildly worrying” because I do in fact have a USB keypad, so I can deal; but this sounds like the policy has changed.)

That help page looks wrong to me. I think the labels on the keypad should be on the corresponding keys on the main keyboard.

Localhost is your computer, this html page is stored within Dorico.

I’d like to know if NUMPAD actually means the separate number pad (mine has no equals on it) or whether it just (or also) means the number row across the top of the keyboard.

I spent part of this morning transcribing the data into a spreadsheet so I can sort commands into a format more useful to me. When I get it done, I’ll post a zip of the spreadsheet, if that’s okay, so others can use and sort it to their specs.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a graphical way of entering key commands, maybe even using that HTML sheet that comes with Dorico? Or even various templates for use with a laptop keyboard, a full size keyboard and a mouse keyboard combo?
As much as I understand where the “laptop keyboard only” thing is coming from, I feel limited with my larger setup…


Derrek, did you ever finish your spreadsheet? I for one would find it really useful.



I downloaded his spreadsheet and translated it into french… but that was a time when the help provided by Dorico was not accurate or missing lots of things. Since November, the keyboard help provided is good, so you should explore the help menu :wink:

Yes, the keyboard help is very good, but I can’t find a way to access it from my iPad - so a separate list would be very useful. I guess though as you learn the shortcuts, there’ll be less need to look things up.

EDIT I’ve just found the print summary button in the Key Command prefs - I’ve successfully saved the list to a PDF, which I can look at on my iPad.

This is the latest version I have. Enjoy, and modify if you wish. (13.4 KB)

Thanks Derrek, that looks excellent.

On the html Dorico Key Commands page for the Mac, under English US keyboard, Command is listed properly as “Command”; but Option is listed as “Alt”, and Control is listed as “Meta”. The note durations are also listed as crotchet, minim etc.

At some point could you please change these to more standard Mac terminology, at least for the US?

It would also be nice to have a “laptop keyboard” option as well as the full keyboard which is shown in the illustration - maybe you already have this on your to do list.